It seems that our culture these days is really struggling with digestive problems. We have more and more people being diagnosed with irritable bowel disease or irritable bowel syndrome. It's really a shame that people are suffering with digestive problems. Digestive problems really feel very personal because it's your stomach and your stomach is a place that is difficult to deal with in terms of pain. We usually think of pain in our arms and legs maybe our back but not usually in our stomach. What really worries me is that people have digestive problems and this causes them to not properly disgust their food.

When they are not properly digesting the food they eat this leads them to have huge health problem. We need to digest the nutrients in our food in order to have proper health. With most people when it comes to digestive problems they do the same thing and expect a different result. People continue to eat foods that irritate their digestive system. These foods are foods that contain additives, preservatives and other garbage. People eat foods that are void of nutrients like non organic produce. There consuming foods that are riddled with pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. People are eating the wrong ratios of foods. They're eating too many carbohydrates or too much protein per meal. People are barely if ever eating one or two meals a day. Some people only eat one meal a day. People need to be eating more frequently. There are so many things that people are doing that are leading them to digestive problems.

Many people in our culture have hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism basically means that you have a broken metabolism. Your thyroid is not running optimally and because of this you have many symptoms. You may be tired and have poor digestion. You may have brain fog or not feel not good. These are all signs of hypothyroidism. There are many other signs such as pain in your hands or trouble sleeping. When you have a broken metabolism your body is in a stress state and is breaking down muscle tissue to rise blood sugar to get glucose into your cells.

The body at this stage isn't producing adequate amounts of hydrochloric acid. Hydrochloric acid is necessary to digest your foods. This means that if you stimulate metabolism and get your thyroid running optimally. You will produce adequate amounts of stomach acid and start digesting your food. Many people talk about probiotics and digestive enzymes in order to help heal the digestive system. The problem with this though is that digestive enzymes are not necessary if you get metabolism to run properly. If the person's metabolism is running properly then they will secrete enough stomach acid to properly digest their food. Another problem is that probiotics can increase lactic acid. This is because lactobacillus is a lactate producing enzyme. This can actually cause more problems. For this reason I don't usually recommend people to supplement with probiotics.

Gelatin and broth have many things in them that can actually help heal the gut. This is why I recommend that people drink lots of broth throughout the day and consume gelatin. You can get gelatin from many sources. You get gelatin from oxtail, cow's feet and soup bones. Cows feet is your best source of gelatin. In terms of broth what you do is you put water preferably filtered water into a glass container with the bones inside. You then cook these bones for many hours until you start to see a brownish type color to the water.

You then drink this water because this water is actually broth. This is extremely good for you. Make sure that you drink broth with some fat and protein. Drinking a glass of milk with broth would be a good combination because broth contains some protein. If you want to get the gelatin out of the bones then you need to cook the bones at 350° for about three hours. Gelatin has more benefits than broth but one thing I like about broth is that you can use the bones for many weeks. Gelatin and broth are both excellent foods that help heal your digestive system. Who needs hydrochloric acid supplements when broth can actually help stimulate stomach acid production.

It's very upsetting to me that people go to their doctors with digestive problems and have no answers. People suffer for years with terrible pain in their stomach. People even just doing moderate changes in their diet in terms of cleaning up what they eat can greatly improve and reduce their digestive problems. You can look at things like carrageenan which is in many milk products now and blame a lot of digestive problems from this substance. A lot people say that they have problems with milk but it's not so much the milk but the carrageenan is synthetic A and vitamin D that is causing them to have digestive problems. It's also the crappy foods that the cows are eating which is non-organic grains that is causing milk to have so many problems for people. If you get pasteurized milk that is from grass fed cows this can help facilitate gut healing. This is because milk has many benefits. It's low in it's ability to make endotoxin. Endotoxin causes lots of digestive problems. It has a large amounts of vitamin A and cholesterol which is very important for fueling thyroid function. It contains many important vitamins and minerals that are essential for thyroid function. Example of this would be vitamin C. You need vitamin C to convert T-3 to T-4.

Raw honey is a food is that is actually quite good for digestion. This is because it has antibacterial and antifungal property's. Raw honey is also excellent for stimulating metabolism. This is due to its fructose content. I know many people that have introduced raw honey into their meals and find that they can handle their meal much better afterwards. They have a lot less bloating and cramping.