Many people have differing opinions when it comes to breast augmentation (or breast enhancement). Despite what everyone believes or thinks, it is a proven fact that getting a plastic or cosmetic surgery to enhance your breasts can provide you with a more positive outlook on yourself, and your life.

Getting a breast augmentation procedure has been known to improve physical appearance, sexual health, self-esteem, and even certain relationship issues.

The opposition includes individuals who either haven't had a breast augmentation performed on them, or have had negative results with the procedure. If you haven't ever tried something, how can you know it's bad or negative? At the same time, just because you have had a negative experience with something doesn't mean that all breast augmentations are negative.

Without further ado, here are the benefits of breast augmentation.


Perhaps the most obvious benefits of a breast augmentation are the physical ones. For one, many women get a breast augmentation to accomplish the simple goal of increasing their breast size, lift, or bust. Although this is definitely not the only benefit, this is one of the main ones.

It is important to note that breast implants aren't all about how big you go. If you have A cup breasts, you don't want to jump to DD's. In fact, if you have a good surgeon they will strongly recommend that you don't.

Plastic and cosmetic surgery gives women the option to go from a smaller cup size to a larger one in just one day.


The mental benefits of getting a breast augmentation aren't as heavily marketed or talked about as the physical ones, but they are just as important. Some women may not realize that when they are getting a breast augmentation they will start feeling better about themselves physically, and in turn this makes them feel better about themselves mentally.

Sometimes when our bodies aren't the way we want them to be we can suffer mentally, but what if we can change our bodies to what we desire? Well, with plastic and cosmetic surgery we can! There have been many cases where a woman got inspired after her surgery because she felt so great about herself. There are cases where women quit smoking, stop drinking, and start working out more often because they love their results so much.

It is clear that when you start seeing results and feeling great about yourself in one area, other areas follow.


There have been various studies that link the satisfaction of a woman's sexual life going up because they got a breast augmentation procedure. Whether or not this has anything to do with the act feeling better, the woman feeling better because the man is more into the experience, or the woman justifying the amount of money she spent by feeling better.

Regardless, this is a huge benefit of this procedure.

There are some people who might get jealous of a woman with larger breasts, but just remember that the most important part is that you are happy with your body.