Most of us take our backs for granted. It’s the only one we have, but we use it indiscriminately for hard labor, excessive sports, and long hours of sitting or standing, usually with incorrect posture and expect it to keep on being our main system of support. Our backs are subject to injuries and strains on a daily basis, yet we only notice them when they actually hurt.

As children and young adults, our backs normally hurt after an injury; these injuries run the gamut from slight sprains or strains all the way up to broken vertebrae. The extent of the injury determines the length of recovery and the likelihood of chronic back pain.

Degenerative Disc Disease 
Degenerative disc disease is normally an age-related condition; after long years of use and misuse, the discs separating the vertebrae begin to degenerate.

Degenerative disc disease results when the disc space narrows, causing compression of the spinal vertebrae. There is currently no cure or explanation of its cause.

Degenerated discs cause severe, chronic back pain. The condition, if untreated, causes limited mobility and may result in disability.

Chronic low back pain may radiate to the hips, or the pain may be located in the buttocks and thighs. Pain may radiate when the patient bends, twists, sits or lifts. Chronic neck pain, radiating into the head, shoulders, arms, and hands, may come from degeneration of the cervical vertebrae in the spine.

Treatments for Degenerative Disc Disease 
Surgical treatment of degenerative disc disease is not always required; the same treatments used for sciatica pain – bed rest, exercise or physical therapy, pain medication, acupuncture, acupressure, yoga or gentle stretching should always be tried first. If, after three months, these therapies are ineffective, a surgical option is a next option in allopathic medicine to be considered. The main surgical therapy for degenerative disc disease is spinal fusion, but many options exist depending on the area of the spine affected:

Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion
A procedure to remove the intervertebral disc and replace it with a plug or graft, which in time will fuse the vertebrae. This procedure accesses the cervical spine from the front of the neck, instead of through the spinal area.
Cervical corpectomy 
In this procedure, a portion of the vertebrae and disc are removed to decompress the spinal cord and spinal nerves. The spine is stabilized with a bone graft, and in some cases, a metal plate and screws.

Dynamic stabilization 
After a discectomy, a stabilization device is implanted in the affected vertebrae to offload pressure and to allow the spinal column to flex still and extend.

This procedure increases space in the spinal column by removing part of a facet.

Procedure to increase the size of the nerve pathway by enlarging the vertebral foramen. This procedure may be performed as part of a laminotomy, or performed alone.

Intervertebral disc annuloplasty (IDET)
This procedure is done to seal the affected disc with heat. The affected disc is heated to 90° C for a period of fifteen minutes. The procedure may also deaden the nerves irritated by the degeneration of the disc.

Intervertebral disc arthroplasty 
Also known as artificial disc replacement or total disc replacement. In this procedure, a degenerated disc is completely removed and replaced with an artificial one. Used cautiously in the United States, it is widely practiced in Europe.

This procedure is used to reconstruct the spinal canal, making more room for the spinal cord. The spinal column in accessed from the back of the neck.

This procedure relieves pressure on the nerve roots by removing a small portion of the lamina.

Uses a laser or surgical instrument to remove part of a herniated disc while the area is magnified by a loupe or an operating microscope. This is classified as a minimally invasive procedure.

Percutaneous disc decompression 
Reduces a bulging or herniated disc via aspiration through a needle inserted into the affected area. Also classified as a minimally invasive procedure.

Spinal decompression 
A non-invasive procedure; it utilizes rehydration of the spinal discs to temporarily enlarge the intervertebral foramen.

Spinal laminectomy 
Relieves pressure on the spinal cord by removing or trimming the lamina. The removal of the lamina creates space in the spinal column.

New therapies are under investigation, such as adult stem cell disc regeneration, but this therapy is a long way away from becoming accepted practice. Other therapies are also under investigation at this time.

It is possible to treat degenerative disc disease without resorting to surgery, and all available non-surgical options should be given as long a trial as is feasible before resorting to surgery. Surgical procedures involve tremendous back pain and long rehabilitation periods, so avoid them if at all possible.


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At one point in your life, you may have experienced this sharp pain on your back. You know that pain that makes it impossible for you to bend or even walk properly even just for a split second? Yes, that one. Maybe you didn’t even have enough time to get a solution as this pain just vanished almost instantly. Now, that happened because the pains were probably not anything serious but just minor repercussions from things like bad posture, lifting of heavy objects, wrong mattress, pregnancy or even bad exercise routines. Normally, pain resulting from these factors should go away by merely resting.

However, there may come a time when you may experience the same pains only that this time they won’t go away. These back pains may linger around for as long as two months and cause you massive worry. It is at this point that you should seek medical help. This is because such persistent pains may be signaling an underlying medical problem.

But how do you tell brand the pain as a sign of an illness?
1. When it is coupled with numbness in the areas below your waist
Now, as a human being, you may trip and fall (literally). Usually, you will just rub off this incident with a laugh and proceed to nurse any injuries that may have resulted. This may include back pains that you will just disregard. However, it is important to monitor how this pain behaves as you may have injured your spine during the fall. This is why it is important to seek medical advice if you start experiencing numbness on the legs and sometimes involuntary bowel movement after an accident. This is because these pains could be signaling towards a damaged spine which can eventually lead to paralysis if not treated in good time.

2. When the pains come with stiffness in other joints as well
According to research, chronic back pains are most common in people over 50 years.  Now, these are people who have obviously used their muscles for quite a while and hence the protective cartilages in their joints are bound to have worn out. In addition, their muscles may have weakened over time. With these factors in play, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that you will experience back pain. However, you should start getting worried if the pains are persistent and are coupled with pains in other joints such as knees, hands or even hips. This is because the pains could be signaling the onset of arthritis, a disease that is common in people in this age.

3. If the pains are accompanied by unexplained weight loss and fever
Now, with the new obsession with losing weight, it won’t be a wonder that you are exercising to cut down those kilos. Similarly, pains in your joints may not come as a surprise because your body is prone to injuries and fatigue from the workouts. However, it is important to keep tabs on how your weight is reducing and also how the pains are presenting themselves. This is because research has shown that cancerous tumors developing in areas around the spine usually register in the form of intensive back pains that deteriorate with time. Therefore, if you experience any unprecedented weight loss, massive upper back pains and fever, kindly drop what you are doing and seek medical advice as you could be sitting on a developing cancer.

4. If the pains are severe and you are always nausea
In the world today, there is a strong and scary wind of kidney stones. According to research, one out of every twenty people will develop this disorder at one point in their lives. This is why it is important for you to be well acquainted with its signs so that you can be able to deal with it before it’s too late. Now, this is a disorder that happens when a small mineral material (stone) is formed in the kidneys or urinary tract. This stone will cause severe back pains, vomiting, nausea and sometimes blood in urine. Therefore, back pains could be a sign of kidney stones.

Due to the nature of your lifestyle or the kind of work you do, back pains may not come as a surprise. However, based on the above scrutiny, it is evident that the pains you experience may be harboring more than meets the eye. That pain could not only be because you fell but also could mean that your spine got injured. This is why it is important to seek medical advice whenever the pains persist for too long or are accompanied by effects like weight loss, fever, pain in other joints or nausea. This is because the pains could be signaling a bigger problem in the body.


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Most people always think that in order to lose larger amounts of weight, you have to do a more intense exercise like running. However, only walking is enough for you to lose the above 50 pounds. According to a British study, those people who considered walking as their workout lost weight more effectively than the ones who considered running or swimming.  It is a non-straining workout that is suitable for any individual. Below are the best ways to start this workout;

1. Chose your shoes
Before you start walking, you should have the best pair of shoes. Go to a shop that the can help you chose the suitable shoes according to your foot type. Buy slightly larger size than your normal shoes because it is obvious for legs to swell while you exercise. This will ensure that your feet are not put into too much pressure by shoes. You can test the suitability of your shoes by wearing them in the dressing room and doing a test jump. If you can lift them comfortably without any strain then, they are your best choice. Choose the shoes that can absorb moisture since you obviously expect to sweat during exercise and feeling wet is the worst discomfort that you can ever have.

2. Trace your progress
There is nothing as bad as doing something without seeing its outcomes. It totally affects your motivation to keep doing. The best way to know whether you are progressing is by measuring your weight change after some few weeks of exercise. You can also check if you can walk for more minutes easily than before. Progress is the best motivator and when there is no progress, it is a clear indication that you need to put more effort.

3. Fight signs of getting hurts earlier  
It is normal to experience irritations after sweating on several parts of your body. The best way to avoid such feelings is through applying petroleum jelly or a plant based body glide on the most affected areas. They include the necks, thighs and the area around the sporting bra. Stop blisters once they start appearing by switching to more comfortable shoes and fitting socks. You can also treat them with compeed cushions to relieve pain.

4. Consider your body 
Walking may not be the most suitable exercise for every type of body but at least, it is neither harmful to any. Overdoing the walking activity could strain your body leading to pains at various parts of your body. If you have not been outside for exercise for way too long, considering a fitness therapist by your side while you start walking is the best idea. This will act like a person who you can report any abnormalities or difficulties to. Always consider whatever you feel to ensure you never hurt your body. If you are feeling pain or nausea, you need to reduce the pressure you are exerting in your walking activity. If the signs go beyond just normal pain to headaches and chest problems, you should see a doctor for medical checkup.

5. Start low
If you have not been walking out, there is no way you can start with walking for 60 minutes instantly. Start first by walking for the least amount of minutes that you can easily handle. You can then be increasing your minutes every day until you reach your target. Gradual improvement enables the body to adapt to the new workout environment easily preventing unnecessary pains. Do not keep yourself very comfortable because it could mean there is no effort you are exerting. Challenge yourself every day with new pace or style of walk.  This is one of the best tips for weight loss that you need to keep in mind.

6. Sooth your body
When you are feeling pain, there is no point of you assuming and trying to prove you are strong enough to endure. The new weight loss program is obviously strange to your body hence; pains in different parts of the body are expected. Device ways of calming down these pains to ensure you never strain. Consider ice to solve muscle and joint pain. If it does not work, seek advice from your therapist. Avoid all those aspects that could lead to unnecessary pain like tights shoes and irritating bras.

Starting an exercise isn’t the easiest task that you can expect. Most people start off with a lot of motivation, but it is unfortunate that most of them give up on the way. The above tips are meant to help you start well and prevent situations where you have to give up due to the challenges that you experience.


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There has been an ongoing debate on the relationships between the loser diets and fast food diet. Most people have concluded that these two foods contrast in the actions on the body. Loser diets are always designed to fit someone who is trying to lose weight. On the other hand, the fast food diet is designed for people who want to save cooking diet. There has to be a comparison between the two diets in order to come up with the right conclusion. Below is the comparison between the two diets;

1. Fat content
Fast food diet involves foods that are prepared very fast or ready-made to save on time. Dip frying is one of the most common methods of preparing fast foods. It always results to a meal with excess fats which are not great for the health of the body. According to weight loss news, they cause excessive weight gain that could make the body vulnerable to diseases such as high blood pressure, arthritis, heart attack and many other weight related illnesses. On the other hand, loser diet food is designed in such a way that it minimizes weight gain. Therefore, excess fats are things not to be expected in the food. It gives an individual the golden opportunity to escape the diseases mentioned above as well as remain physically fit. Fats used to prepare the loser diet foods are greatly minimized. Hence, the issue of the excess fats is ruled out in them.

2. Amounts of calories
Most fast foods especially the processed ones are always characterized by excess sugar. For instance, cakes are perfect examples of the processed fast foods that contain excess sugar. Sugar is well known to contain larger amounts of calories. Therefore, consumption of excess sugary foods increases the calorie levels in our bodies. We are all aware of the negative effects of excess sugar in the body; they accelerate weight gain, raise the blood sugar level and increase the risk of diabetes. Loser diet food will tend to avoid the excess sugar because of its major aim of reducing weight. Hence, there is a limitation of the amounts of sugar that is added into the loser diet. This once again makes the loser diet more superior because there is escape of the weight related diseases too.

3. Nutrient composition
Nutrients determine whether a food substance is healthy or not. The fast foods are majorly characterized by excess fats and sugars. However, some other fast foods like broccoli and a cup cake have some nutrients that promote the name of the fast foods. Broccoli contains vitamins and nutrients that are very essential for the body health. Loser diet is characterized by excess fruits, vegetables and foods that contain a lot of fiber.  This diet contains all the vital nutrients for the body. The fast food diet also contains nutrients but not as much as that of a loser diet. Loser diet aims at promoting weight loss as well as proper health care to the consumers.

4. Cost difference
In most cases, the fast food diet involves food substances that are ready made hence most of them are bought from the shops. Sometimes, the fast foods can be cheaper since, an individual does not have to buy all the necessary ingredients to prepare. This may make it more preferable by those people who have a financial crisis. This may lure you into considering it but what you need to remember is that paying for their negative effects is quite expensive. There are a collection of the loser diet foods that you can prepare at the cheapest cost possible. Adopting the best diet plan is the best way to overcome cost issues. Therefore, cost should never be a matter of consideration to you.

5. Health effects
As mentioned earlier, fast food is characterized by excess sugar and fats.  Excess of both the two substances could make the body more vulnerable to weight related disease. In addition, it could also trigger the occurrence of acne destroying the beauty of the skin. The body figure is also destroyed by the excess weight gain. The loser diet is aimed at enhancing the body health hence, contains the substances that are not harmful for the body. If there is harm that the loser diet causes to the body, it is very minimal.

The kinds of diets that we select greatly determine the health state of our bodies. Loser diet is one of the best diets that you can adopt especially if you are trying to lose weight. The fast food diet has a lot of disadvantages, but it does not mean that it is the worst diet. It also has some health benefits.


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Are you trying to lose weight? – Beware of weight loss programs and diet plans that focus on faster and but short-lived weight loss result. In order for you to succeed in your weight loss struggle, it is vital that you consider combining exercise with a healthy diet. If you are to achieve long lasting results, you must be prepared to adjust your lifestyle as well as your health habits

How would you adjust your lifestyle and permanently change your health habits? Well, I have lined up various tips for weight loss to help you achieve your goals. In this case, if want to a long-term solution to your weight loss problems, then consider these:

1. Be committed 
Achieving permanent results in weight loss isn’t as easy as it sounds and, therefore, you must be prepared to put in more efforts and commitment. Making permanent changes is key when it comes to losing weight. You must also focus your mind on what you want to achieve if you want to remain committed. Remember it requires a lot physical and mental strength to adjust your behaviors. Therefore, if you are contemplating new lifestyle changes, it is critically important to factor in a number of things including addressing other issues in life. These issues may include conflicts in your relation or financial difficulties. Although it may be hard to completely eradicate these stressful issues, you can still find a better way of taking care of them. Once you are in control, you will be able to focus on realizing better weight loss results.

After making sure that you are set to commence on your weight loss plan, you can now decide on the date to start and – there you go!

2. Identify the things that motivate you
Losing weight solely revolves around you and therefore, the changes you make in your lifestyle and diet should be able to make you happy. What do you think is going to help you stick to your plan? Draw up a list of the things you deem as important and which will help to motivate and make you focus on the task ahead of you. It doesn’t matter – good health or an upcoming soccer tournament. After that ensure that you can turn to what inspires you during trying moments.

If you are the type that likes keeping things to yourself, then keeping a good record of your fitness progress and diet in a journal is vital.

3. Set achievable goals
Setting realistic goals in weight loss may be an obvious thing but what do you understand by being realistic? It is good to loss between 1 and 2 pounds per week. In this case, you will be required to burn between 500 and 1,000 calories compared to your daily consumption. To ensure this, you will need to practice regularly while feeding a lower calorie diet.

It is also good to consider both the method and the results when setting your objectives. For instance, you can decide to exercise regularly (procedure goal) as a way of losing 30 pounds (resultant goal). While it may not be necessary to your outcome goals, laying down process goals are very important as making changes to your health habits is very important when it comes to losing weight

4. Enjoy a healthy diet 
Losing weight requires one to focus on eating a healthy meal. Therefore you must ensure that the diet you are consuming contains low levels of calories.  But this does not mean you should avoid tastier meals. The best way to go about it is dwelling on a diet from plants such fruits, whole grains and vegetables. Going for a variety is also one of the most effective ways to ensure that you meet your goals faster and without missing on any nutritional value and taste

5. Be active and remain active
Although is possible to burn fat without necessary engaging in exercise, incorporating it in your weight loss plan is vital when it comes to giving your weight loss an edge. Exercise helps to cut off extra calories that cannot be expended by dieting alone. There are various health benefits that come with exercising and they include enhanced mood, a stronger cardiovascular system and reduction in blood pressure.

Losing weight is one thing and maintaining it is another – doing physical fitness helps to maintain it.  According to various studies, it has been observed that people who practice regularly maintain their weight loss results for a longer period of time

6. Change your viewpoint 
Eating a healthy diet and engaging in exercise for a certain period of time may not be sufficient to help you register long term weight results. Make it your lifelong habit to practice regularly and eat a balanced diet. After analyzing the challenges you face in your weight loss endeavors, devise a way to help you change those habits that and perceptions that could be making it hard for you to achieve your weight loss goals. Plan how to deal with each challenge effectively in order to succeed.

The most important thing you should remember is that what you are about to do is will have a direct impact on your life and this can’t happen in one day. Make sure you hold on to your healthy lifestyle for successful results


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There are always new trends and fads when it comes to the latest diets. People are always looking for new strategies and programs to help them get into better shape and increase their level of health. Sometimes these fads come and go but it seems that gluten free is one method that is going to stick around for the long haul. Gluten-free diets have been huge for the past few years due to their ability to provide weight loss and an increase of general health. However, a gluten-free diet may also hold the possibility to help with psoriatic arthritis, continue reading to find out how.

What is psoriatic arthritis?
Let’s begin by uncovering what psoriatic arthritis is. It is a type of arthritis that people who have psoriasis are prone to developing. Psoriasis is a skin disease that is known for causing dry, scaly, itchy, red skin. Although the cause is still, a little murky professionals believe that it is caused by the immune system being triggered when it is not actually needed to act which causes skin cells to be produced by the body at higher rate than they need to be.

About thirty percent of people who have psoriasis are diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis that is known as psoriatic arthritis. This condition is an autoimmune disease. It happens when the immune system, believing that it is in danger and needs to fight, attacks tissue that is actually healthy. In the case of psoriatic arthritis, this autoimmune disease attacks the joints and the skin. The result of the immune system attacking the healthy skin and joints is that they experience swelling, inflammation, pain, and stiffness. You may experience one or even all of these symptoms in various joints within the body when you are diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis.

What is a gluten-free diet?
This diet has been a success in the public. It began as a specialized diet for those who have a gluten allergy but these days the majority of people who follow this diet don’t have an allergy to gluten at all. A gluten free diet is a regimen that cuts out all foods that contain gluten. Gluten is a mixture of two different proteins and it can be found in cereal grains. It helps foods keep their shape and acts as a binding substance. Foods that contain gluten are baked goods, breads, cereal, pastas, beer, and much more. Many people experience weight loss from this diet because they end up staying away from carbs which can be a source of weight gain for many people.

How can a gluten free diet help psoriatic arthritis? 
While a gluten-free diet has not been proved to eliminate psoriatic arthritis those with this condition have stated that it has helped them better manage the symptoms and severity of psoriatic arthritis. This is why Rochelle Rosian, MD, a rheumatologist at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio states that there is a possibility that a gluten-free diet could benefit those psoriatic arthritis. So while there is a chance that this may be a possible psoriatic arthritis treatment, there is no definitive conclusion amongst those in the medical community.

According to research conducted by the National Psoriasis Foundation suggests that up to 25 percent of individuals who have psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis may be living with a gluten sensitivity. As we previously discussed, these conditions are autoimmune disorders that can cause inflammation in various parts of the body. It is possible that a person who has one of these conditions along with a gluten allergy could have inflammation in their gut. When it is exposed to gluten, the reaction and symptoms could be amplified. There could also be a connection in the origin of psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, and inflammatory diseases. A gluten allergy is an inflammatory bowel disease so many believe that treating one could also help the other, if in fact their origins and causes are linked.

Should you go gluten-free?
While there is a chance that going gluten free could help you manage your psoriasis not everyone should go gluten free. If you have a gluten allergy, you should definitely follow a gluten free diet for your overall health. If you do not, it can be a big mistake to go gluten free. While carbs are something that are bad in excess, you should have some carbs and whole grains in your diet in order to stay healthy.

In conclusion
While this potential link in between psoriatic arthritis and a gluten free diet is exciting, there is still much research that needs to be done. Also, remember that you should discuss all diet changes with your doctor before you make then to make sure this diet will be a good choice for your personal situation. 

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High Blood Pressure, also called hypertension, is a condition characterized by abnormal pressure on the blood vessels. It makes the heart exhausted as it pushes blood throughout the body. It’s a risky condition as it has been shown to trigger diseases such as kidney disease, atherosclerosis, heart failure and stroke. The actual cause of hypertension is not known. However, it can be triggered by a number of things. The one which stands out is choice of lifestyle. The kind of lifestyle that you lead will greatly affect the level at which you are prone to this condition.

High Blood Pressure Causes
Some things that have been shown to trigger hypertension include:
1. Smoking. 
Smoking is one of those habits that you must drop as early as possible. The reason being that it will place you at risk of so many conditions; hypertension is just one of them. Another thing is that it takes a toll on your skin making you age prematurely physically and have chapped lips. I don’t need to mention what an expensive habit it is to maintain. It’s a luxury you simply can’t afford.

2. Medication
Certain medications have been associated with hypertension. They include over-the-counter pain relievers, birth control pills, and prescription drugs among others. To be on the safe side, ensure that you consult your doctor before you take any medication. Also, stop self-medicating and get checked if you think you have a certain condition.

3. Illegal drugs
In the spirit of drugs, important to note is that illegal drugs will also put you at risk of hypertension. Drug abuse has been on the rise in the recent past and I shatter to think the kind of generation that will be having in a few years to come. Cocaine, amphetamines are some of those drugs you need to avoid at all cost. Alcohol abuse is also a known cause.

4. Obesity
Excess fat in the body make the blood vessels clogged, triggering hypertension. Working out more often will keep your body weight at check and prevent obesity or any other lifestyle disease. This has to be accompanied by other lifestyle changes such as eating healthy.

5. Excess Salt Intake
If you take too much salt, you will raise the levels of your blood pressure drastically. Remember also that salt is a dehydrating agent and thus dries out your skin and body. Monitor your salt intake always.

6. Stress
Depression, stress & anxiety and hypertension are some of the conditions that will get to you if you are always stressed out. I’m not trying to make you feel like it’s your fault you are stressed, but the idea is to make you start taking stress seriously and look for ways to curb it. Techniques such as meditation and yoga will help you through.

7. Hereditary
High blood pressure, like most conditions, can be inherited.  If you came from a family which has recorded a number of cases, you may need to get checked every once in a while to ensure you don’t have the condition. This is because you are at risk due to some genetic factors.

8. Age
As you age, you are put at risk of many conditions such as Alzheimer disease, hypertension, and diabetes among others. The little you can do is ensuring you lead a healthy lifestyle. (Exercise often, eats a healthy meal and above all, stay in touch with your inner self). These are the little things that make a whole world of difference.

Discussed above are the causes of high blood pressure. There are a number of other causes but we will stick to those for now. Diagnosis can only be made by a health care provider. Have it tested every few years, after which you will be guided on the kind of lifestyle you should lead to control it. Medication will also be offered. In severe cases (hypertensive crisis), you will experience symptoms such as severe headaches, nose bleeds, severe anxiety and shortness of breath. If you spot these symptoms, report to the nearest health center as the condition may be deadly.

Myth symptoms of Hypertension
The symptoms below in no way signify that you have high blood pressure. They can however, be signs of other illnesses.
1. Blood spots in the eyes.
2. Dizziness
3. Facial flushing
4. Symptomatic headaches

High blood pressure is a condition that has been on the rise in the recent past. This might be attributed to the kind of lifestyle most of us are leading today. Leading a healthy lifestyle will be crucial in ensuring you are not at risk. Also, take a test every once in a while to be in the know in case of anything. This way it will be diagnosed at an early stage and conditions related to it will not affect you. 

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High speed yoga and power training is effective in older women. This is because they have very many problems associated with joint and bones. They are able to minimize these problems after going through these exercises. Older women who take power training and high speed yoga become active in the daily activities. They build their muscles which enable them perform hard and strenuous jobs without need of any help. They are less prone to aging diseases such as blood pressure and diabetes since during the exercise they lose excess fats and enable proper blood circulation and a relaxed mind. Yoga exe are not strenuous as compared to those I them hence making them conducive for older women.

The following are power training and high-speed yoga to combat

  • Poor power trainingIt should be done appropriately by a professional in order to prepare the trainees well. Avoid assigning a poor instructor who minds only cash but not the performance of the players in the field. Good power training can be used to reduce aging since it involves different exercise such as those taken in yoga to reduce aging.

  • Avoid drug during and after trainingA body under high control of alcohol, bang, miraa and other steroids do not benefit properly during training. This is because the individual is not sober mentally. They only target on building muscles and making them alert for a race. This is the reason why athletes are clinically tested in order to throw out those who are not sober. They can benefit physically and avoid aging fast, but these training will not help clean their blood from alcohol

  • Kundalini YogaThe main reason it is opposed is because it involves playing around with the breathing system. Considering that yoga is recommended for elderly women t you can cause suffocation hence lead to passing out. It is a good aging yoga move to fight aging but also dangerous if the person practicing has difficulty in breathing.

  • Ashtanga yogaIt is a vigorous aging move to prevent aging that is really opposed by those taking yoga classes. The elderly women like to be taken slow not fast with breaks since their bodies are weak. They oppose this style and request for slow move style that are not tiresome and have many breaks in between.

  • Power yogaIt is opposed since it involves simultaneous athletics practice. It is an aging yoga move but since yoga involves the elderly women, the highest number of women always oppose it and just need the indoors yoga classes. These women find it hard to take races with their elderly aching joints and bones. They request to improve their body health improvement first.

Benefits of high-speed yoga

  • Improves your flexibilityThe body joints are in a position to proper functioning improving their flexibility. Joint pains caused by aging are likely to seize hence giving a flexible body.

  • Improve  immunityAging reduces immunity hence causing endless body complications.You are deemed to stay with medical drugs where you go. By use of yoga moves to fight aging you are able to improve your immunity system instantly.

  • End of insomniaOnce you get older it gets hard to get sleep but high-speed yoga can rescue you. Aging yoga moves to fight aging helps you have enough sleep after a tiresome day in the yoga lessons. This is one of the major advantages of yoga.

  • Building muscle strength and perfects your postureAfter taking yoga lessons consecutively, you will notice that your muscles get stronger. This is due to the yoga moves to fight aging and its signs such as arthritis, joint and back pain. Poor posture causes back pain, muscle pain, join pain and neck pain. After the yoga session, you are able to perfect your posture.

  • Protects your spinal cord, improves your blood flow and prevent cartilage.The spinal cord needs movement for the shock absorbers to work properly and prevent breakage. Due to the continuous exercise, the body is able to pump blood effectively improving the flow.

Yoga is a great way to live a healthy life. It enables one to age gracefully since you will have no disturbing diseases or endless pains. Yoga helps to improve your immunity and general body energy whereby you are able to perform jobs that your age metes cannot. You also maintain a youthful look despite the number of years you have. Your skin is less attacked by wrinkles, looks well nourished, hydrated, smooth and brighter. Women benefit from the high power training more than men since they always give a feedback of effective general body performance. High-speed yoga helps in give your body a good shape.


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