What is Hugegenic?

Hugegenic claims to be a male enhancer that makes you feel bigger and have that required harder erection. It promises to make you have that longer and much intense orgasm, thus helping you become a better lover. The good thing about this product is that it is backed up by their own studies and testimonials that you can find on their website. It gives customer reviews also of this product on the site. But lacks the ingredient details of this product, making the user skeptic.

Hugegenic Ingredients And Its Working

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Hugegenic has a blend of powerful ingredients combination featuring: L Arginine, which is one of the key components in Hugegenic. This ingredient is known to produces Nitrous Oxide which relaxes arterial walls and some long muscles. NOX is essential to relax the arterial muscles at the base of the penis and this allows blood to flow into vaso-congestive sacs on either side of the penis for creating erection.

With the absence of NOX there is no erection and the whole thing is triggered in the brain and becomes very complicated series of messages and chemical changes that have to happen for an erection to be triggered. With NOX this process happens as described above and so it is essential to having an erection.

Moreover, ginseng causes penis to get distended and helps in the thickening of penis shaft. This ingredient supplies more nutrients and blood to the penis and makes it even harder and stronger.

Benefits of Hugegenic:

  • It provides 60 days money back guarantee.
  • It avails free trial.
  • Its official website gives testimonials.


  • Well explained ingredient list absent
  • Clinical proofs are not there for this product


This product has a lot of reviews for it and has a bag full of mixed reviews. Some of the reviews mention it to be highly effective while some state of flaying this product. Moreover there are a few reviews stating a few side effects with this product. So it is better to have a trial of this product prior regular usage.