Before we will start our discussion about advantages and disadvantages of Medicare program we should provide our readers with the basic information about it. So let's start.

First of all we are to find out what is Medicare and how to deal with it.

Medicare is the federal insurance program. And this program guarantees access to health insurance for certain groups of people, such as legal residents who are 65 or older, younger people with disabilities, also whose who have the end stage renal disease and patients with Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

This Medicare divides on four different parts: A, B, C and D, which covers special services.

So Part A covers such things as: inpatient hospital days during which you will be provided with semiprivate room, food and tests. The maximum length of hospital impatient stay is 90 days. The payment for first 60 days your Medicare will cover completely. And for the last 30 days requires a copayment.

Part B of the medical insurance covers certain doctor's services, preventive services, outpatient care and necessary medical supplies. With the help of this insurance you also can pay for some products and services, which are not covered by Part A.

Part C or Medicare advantage plans are actually Medicare health plans which are provided by private companies. But all these companies work in cooperation with Medicare and can provide you with all Part A and B benefits. These plans can offer you a prescription drug coverage which is a part of Medicare Part D. Coverage is provided by private companies and is approved by Medicare.

It should be mention that this insurance program is a very useful and helpful not only for whose people who have serious health problems, but also for whose, who are just worried about their health and prefer to have a medical at least once a year.

And now a few words about advantages and disadvantages of Medicare. First and the most important is the fact, that pensioners and people with incurable diseases or with serious illnesses can get all necessary medical treatment in full. And in addition their medical insurance will cover it.

Medicare also gives you an opportunity to use private insurance plans for routine health care. You also shouldn't choose your health provider from some certain list of them. The other big plus of this program is that you can still use your regular doctor. And only if you want to get "full benefit" of this program you should see your Primary Care Physician (PCP). But if there is some kind of out-of-area emergency, so in this case this is not obligatory. And one's more if you need to consult about your health problems with any kind of specialist, you can use one referred by your physician.

So as you see there are a lot of benefits of this program. And, maybe, only one disadvantage or even shortcoming: the ageing of population. Because of this fact the amount of whose, who has right for Medicare will gradually increase with every year. And as a result government will have to give more and more money for this program. So just imagine that by the year 2030 about 77 million people will take advantage of the Medicare benefit package. But it seems to me that the government will obviously improve the plan as the ageing population increases.

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