The Omron blood pressure monitor Bp785 is undoubtedly a remarkable upgrade from its predecessor-Omron-HEM-780. It highlights an array of advanced features such as TruRead mode, automatic calibration feature, Comfit cuff, automatic memory function etc that advance detailed information to users to help them better manage their heart-health. Read on for a more comprehensive glimpse at its features and functionality.

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Dual sensors featured bear the capacity to automatically double check each reading. In essence, this provision functions to reassure the user that each reading is precise. This ensures that accurate recordings are maintained on a daily basis.


Omron has patented this as its ComFit-Cuff-Technology. It has the ability to expand to fit both normal and large-sized-arms (9-17 inches) thus realizing more comfortable, precise readings.
What is more, the cuff has a semi rigid segment that makes it easy for one to wear it. The cuff also sees to it that one derives accurate readouts.
The Cuff wrap guide notifies the user that indeed the cuff has been perfectly strapped around the arm.

TruRead Technology

Omron Bp 785 will automatically take 3 consecutive readouts a minute apart and subsequently display the average. This is usually in tandem with guidelines set by the globally recognized guidelines for domestic blood pressure measurement.
Such readouts provide a basis of analyzing the readouts so as to establish for their consistency or otherwise.

Irregular heart beat detector

This device also features an irregular heart beat detector that is crucial for detecting those unconventional heart beats when measuring blood pressure.
Upon such heart beat being detected, a notification icon will appear, alerting the user that he or she needs to consult with his or her pertinent health practitioner.

AM/PM Averaging

Furthermore, this monitor highlights an advanced averaging feature that enables a user to review an 8 week history of his or her weekly morning and evening blood-pressure-averages.
Interestingly, this can be invoked at the touch of a button.

Two user mode

This mode enables 2 different users to separately track and monitor their readings in the stored memory. One can switch back & fourth between users just by flicking a switch that is manifest on the face of this Bp 785 monitor. It has the capacity to record and store up to 200 readings.

200 memory storage

The Omron Monitor Bp 785 series comes with 100-memory storage for each party (aggregate 200) with time and date stamps which allow one to review the last 100 readings with a single button touch. This is more of an automatic memory function.

AC adapter

This adapter is crucial since without charge one cannot utilize his or her monitor. It functions to see to it that the monitor is ready for use whenever and wherever. It is often plugged into the wall.

One's blood pressure numbers will often vary due to a number of reasons. However, by utilizing the Omron Bp 785 blood pressure monitor, one is able to detect variations in his blood pressure anytime he wants to.
For precise readouts, it is advisable not to measure the blood pressure within thirty minutes of eating, exercising, bathing or smoking.

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