Hero Tabs Overview

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Male vitality and sexual performance has become a major concern in today's society. Lifestyle has come to play and has adversely hit sexuality and performance across divine of the society. This ahs led to rise in need for male sexual enhancement, to be able to achieve the desired sexual satisfaction, not only to self but to their partners as well. Various remedies have emerged in the recent past, as men seek to restore their glory in bed matters and improve their sexual life's. Such remedies are varied based on composition, target and their active ingredients that either act on the penis size, erection time as well as the increased libido. Hero tabs are among the many male performance products, whose amazing results are founded on the nature as a base of composition. The fact that it's so natural in ingredients makes it more a supplement as opposed to the chemicals in many that predispose to so many side effects.

How Hero Tabs work?

As the name hero tabs suggest, the tabs work to achieve outstanding results in male libido improvement. Since erection is scientifically depended on the continuous blood supply to the penis, so does the hero tabs work. The tabs improve the arteries diameter, hence increased and continuous oxygenated blood for longer erection and strong penis. The tabs as well increases the general body energy and strength, this equally attributes to the sexual stamina required for a satisfying sexual intercourse.

Active Ingredients

Hero tablets in their natural formula have active ingredients citrulline, niacin and zinc as proprietary blends. Citrulline is also dumped super sexual herb, a factor owed to increased erectile strength and hardness. Both niacin and zinc are known to improve circulation; they work towards increased blood supply to the arteries of the penis hence firm and lengthy period erection. Zinc is such an important ingredient in the production of sperms. Hero tabs improve both sperm count and quality of the sperms produced hence a mature ejaculation. With knowledge of poor absorption of molecules like zinc, hero tabs formulation has sought to increased bioavailability and adsorption of these ingredients. Substances like maca, caltrops, muira puama, wild yam and other prosexual nutrients have been enjoined for improved absorption of hero tabs. Other natural ingredients in hero tabs include horny goat weed, tribulus, catuba, schizandra, eurycoma langfolia, astragalus, manyprickle, saffron, cayenne, cnidium monnier, avena sativa, ginger root, ginseng and verbena officinalis. This formulation is not only for improvement but it is an ultimate booster for enhanced male performance.

Advantages of Product

  • Hero tabs have Quick absorption.
  • Hero tabs are doctor endorsed.
  • The product has money back guarantee.
  • No adverse side effects
  • The product is shipped worldwide
  • Reseller/bulk purchase discounts
  • Drastic sexual performance improvement

Disadvantages of Product

Unlike many others male enhancement tabs, hero tabs are natural and they are not known to cause adverse or clinically significant side effects yet.


It's advisable not to take hero tabs when one is depressed. This is because sexual satisfaction and optimal performance is equally psychological. It is good for one to be at the best moods so that the tabs can work well. One should not take it when tired for maximum of desired results. For someone under any other medication will have to consult with a doctor. This will keep off undesired hero tabs interaction with the other drugs that may cause undesired side effects.

Dosage and Costing

There is usually an available trail dosage for 14 days that is free of charge and the client is not charged for shipping and handling as well. There after the client is required to pay $ 59.95 for a monthly dosage while members pay 10$ less. Two months dosage goes for $ 99.95and the package has 1 free that sees customer safe up to $79.90.

Customers review

However there are many products in the market, the right choice of male sexual enhancement goes beyond the improved performance but safety and potency are tantamount. Hero tabs claimed to show positive results within 30 minutes of ingestion and stay at optimal level performance for twenty four (24) hours. There are so many complaint reviews by the customers ranging fro poor customer care issues. A few attest to a self discover, that the product doesn't work and the big fall back is on the fact that its more of a hell abut getting a refund.

Expert Review

Hero tabs have given the best desired and safe restoration of men sexual performance. This is for both the aged and even the young who are experiencing erectile dysfunction due to stress and depression. This is a true remedy for reduced testosterone and it has socially restored marriage institutions across the world. Nature poses less or no side effects, an advantage that comes with hero tabs thus why it has been approved by the doctors.