Gemma Arterton is not only recognized from her English Rose features or her formidable acting talent, but she’s also famed for her gloriously hourglass figure. Something many women and clearly men admire, but the star is more concerned with what the pressure of weight loss is doing to female actors.

Gemma Arterton

As the gorgeous Gemma Arterton graces the June issue of Marie Claire she reveals how she really feels about her body and the amount of attention the press and public give it. 'People don't go on about it as much now, because I've said I just don't care,'she tells us. 'But it's good to talk about it.'

And her refreshing approach to image doesn’t stop there, expressing empathy towards other celebrities who feel pressured to lose weight.

Gemma Arterton adds: "Today I saw an actress I know and she's lost so much weight. She's gone from a size 12 to a size four within two months.' While shocking, the British star knows this is an example of something on a much wider scale…

The former Bond girl continues: "There are so many good, intelligent actresses doing this, and I just think, "Why does that go hand in hand with the acting profession?" It shouldn’t. It lets the side down. It lets down team woman."

And team woman is something very close to her heart as Gemma reveals she loves "going all feminist."

We're right behind you Ms. Arterton!