Celebrities have a tremendous amount of pressure on them to look thin and stay thin throughout their entire careers. It seems that even pregnant stars bounce back to normal within only weeks of having their child, so what's the catch? While a few celebrities might be naturally thin, this is definitely not the case with all of them. This is why celebrity diet plans are searched online so often by individuals who want to look the same way.

Angelina Jolie

Diet Plans of the Stars

  • Although this isn't healthy, most celebrities go on extreme diets that require them to eat very little each and every day. For example, Victoria Beckham reportedly eats only a cup of berries along with coffee and tea during the day. This amounts to only around 500 calories, which is far too little for anyone to eat on a daily basis. Another example is Gwyneth Paltrow, who is well-known for her juice fasts and eating clean detoxes, which most people would have a very difficult time with.
  • On the flip side of this are celebrities like Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Hudson. These women are well-known for their weight loss through Weight Watchers, which has inspired millions of women to lose weight the healthy way. The great part about these diets is that they are easily accessible. They also don't require a personal chef, which not everyone can afford to have!
  • As you can see, some celebrity diet plans are healthy while others are just outrageous. It also helps that a lot of famous actors and actresses are able to hire personal chefs who cook healthy (and tasty) meals for them. This can take all the work out of counting calories or figuring out how to cook something. If you're trying to lose weight you're better off following stars like Jessica or Jennifer instead of those like Gwyneth or Victoria.

Exercise Plans... Do you need a Personal Trainer?

  • Another big part of a celebrity diet plan is working out all the time. Could you imagine how much weight you would lose if you had all day to exercise? Well, celebrities have the advantage of being able to work out with their personal trainers whether they are at home or on a movie set. Money does offer this luxury, which is something most of the world’s population probably couldn't afford to shell out for.
  • There's no reason you need to hire a personal trainer that has trained all the stars. You can easily exercise on your own by hitting the gym or even going for an evening stroll on a daily basis. A lot of celebrities have even started making workout videos with their personal trainers, which you can use in the comfort of your home. Go ahead and try these out, as they can be a lot of fun and can actually give you an amazing workout session.

Fad diets that celebrities go on are definitely not worth trying out; unless you want to gain the weight you lose back within a short amount of time. Most stars are able to keep the weight off because they never go back to a "normal" way of eating. They instead stick to a very low calorie diet with a lot of exercise each and every day. This probably isn't fun, but it's how most stay extremely thin so that they have flourishing careers.

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Author: Cindin