People who experience pain in their shoulder often do so because they have strained the tissues inside. Among the common causes for shoulder pain are those related to sports injuries. People who participate in sport activities which require the arm to be engaged in a swinging action, can incur injuries. The sports which often attribute to shoulder pain are tennis, baseball and racquetball. To reduce the risk of a sports related injury it is helpful to do stretching exercises to limber up the tendons and muscles of the shoulder. Another sport which can cause pain in the shoulder is football. This happens when one player is hit by another in such a way as to place stress on the joints and tissues of the shoulder.

In some cases, pain in the shoulder can be caused by a medical condition such as arthritis. People who experience pain and stiffness can visit a bone specialist to see if they are suffering from severe arthritis. People who have degenerative arthritis are especially susceptible to pain, because the cartilage and bone inside their shoulder joint is breaking down. A bone specialist will be able to provide information on the best treatment for this condition. If the condition is severe enough, the treatment could be a surgical implant.

Other activities which could cause pain in the shoulder include anything related to heavy lifting. People who move a large sofa by grabbing the ends with their hands and lifting with their arms, can strain the tendons inside the shoulder, which will cause the shoulder to experience pain for some time afterward. Improper lifting of heavy objects can also lead to elbow pain which could be in addition to the pain felt in the shoulder. If the muscles or tendons of the shoulder are stressed due to heavy lifting it can help to place ice on the affected area to help slow the flow of blood to the shoulder.

People who need to perform heavy lifting for their jobs can find some support garments helpful in reducing the risk of a shoulder strain. Supportive bandages can also be used after the shoulder is injured to help hold the tendons and muscles in place so they have a better chance of healing. If pain in the shoulder persists for a long period of time, or appears to become worse, people should visit their doctor to have an x-ray. In some cases, the internal damage could be due to a broken or fractured bone.