A lot of people have figured out how to have orgasms on their own. Not everyone has, but many people have, and they've figured out the stress release and pleasurable sensations that this relaxing activity can provide. However, did you know that it's possible to increase the intensity of your orgasms just by investing in some new toys to try out? Just like many things in life, if you have the right items and accessories, you can really enhance your experience. Just like having weights will allow you to strength train more effectively versus trying to go without them, bringing toys into your bedroom can really improve things.

If you've never had an orgasm, you may be surprised about how much of a difference a vibrator can make. Added into the bedroom, many women find that they are finally able to orgasm once they have a strong toy at their bedside. To ensure you pick a great toy for your first time, pay attention to the battery and power it requires. The larger the battery type, the more likely the vibrations will be stronger. For example, a toy powered by C batteries will be stronger than a toy powered by AAA batteries. For the strongest sensations, choose an adult toy that's powered by a wall outlet; however, these types of toys are not waterproof. The most popular (and strongest) toy out there is the Hitachi Magic Wand; if you know you need the strongest possible vibrations, that's the most-recommended toy.

Even if they can achieve orgasm with just their hands, many women find that they can get stronger and faster orgasms by using a toy. Whether that toy vibrates or not is up to personal preference, but the additional stimulation can add even more to the standard sensations. In addition, a hand can still be used while using a toy, and multiple types of simultaneous stimulation is a method that many women swear by. For the more adventurous, two types of penetration at once will also stimulate multiple erogenous zones at the same time.

If you've never tried toys during intercourse, it might be time to start. While most women can't achieve orgasm from penetration alone, many women can orgasm when clitoral stimulation is added. While a hand can always be used, many toys are specifically designed to allow for hands-free stimulation. This way, it frees up your hands for other things while you still receive effortless stimulation to increase your orgasm potential during intercourse. A widely-recommended item is the We-Vibe 3, but there are a wide variety of toys for couples available. (You can click here to learn more about sex toys designed for couples).

For men, using toys can mean a brand new sensation. Many male toys provide a long, slender, flexible tube that offers an interesting texture on the inside. This unique texture can feel life-like, or in many cases, it feels pleasurable in its own way. The new sensation can intensify and speed up orgasm - and for those who want to increase their stamina, resisting this intensified pleasure may help to draw out time between the sheets.

To help prolong climax and increase the intensity, many men also turn towards a penis ring. Designed as a basic ring that fits on the base of the penis, this ring promotes a delayed climax through its snug design. When climax does happen, it's even more intense since it has been delayed.

No matter your gender, you now have a good idea of how to intensify your orgasms using sex toys. Whether you want to use a toy with a partner or go at it solo, bringing adult electronics into the bedroom can really result in a large payout - and in pleasure intensity you may not have known was possible!