There are lots of things that most of us do on a daily basis to improve our overall health. We try and get a full night's sleep, we brush our teeth, we try to eat healthier, we try to workout, and more. All of those things are vital to our health, and they are small steps we can take to improving our lives, so we do them. What if I told you there was a pretty small step that both men and women could take to improve their sexual lives? I bet you'd be interested.


There is! Kegel exercises are pelvic floor exercises designed to improve the sexual health of both men and women. While the exercises are usually recommended for women, men can do them just as easily, and they can provide a multitude of benefits for men as well. One of the best things about kegel exercises is that they can be done anywhere and at any time. No extra equipment is needed if you don't want to use it, and you can even do kegel exercises while doing other things like sitting through board meetings or watching your favorite television show - no one will be the wiser!

Along with being important to bedroom activities, kegel exercises improve overall health as well. Strong PC muscles provide better bladder control which can be vital after pregnancy or in your older age. Kegels provide a multitude of sexual benefits as well; kegels increase blood flow to the genitals which increases sensitivity and pleasure which can make orgasm more readily achievable. It also can increase the duration and intensity of orgasms. For men, strong PC muscles improves the firmness and reliability of erections. In women, stronger PC muscles provide a tighter grip on her lover's penis during intercourse.

To do kegel exercises, you'll first need to locate your PC muscle. To do this, try cutting off your urine flow next time you're in the bathroom. The same muscle you used to do that is the PC muscle that you'll need to exercise. (However, never do kegel exercises while peeing; it's not good for you). Later, when you aren't busy, try contracting those muscles. Try to avoid tightening up other muscles at the same time (though this may take practice). Tighten the muscle for ten seconds then release it. Doing it multiple times per day can help you get the fastest results. Further information about how to do kegel exercises can be found if you click here.

While you don't need any fancy equipment to do kegel exercises, just like weight-lifting, you can achieve better results by using dedicated exercise items. Kegel balls are a type of simple kegel exercise item designed for women. The balls are simply inserted into the vagina, and because of the extra weight and movement they provide, it works as a subtle way for the body to tighten the muscles to keep the toy inside. Many women also report that the sensation of using these kegel balls is pleasurable in itself. A relatively new invention, there also are resistance vaginal exercisers that allow you to take your PC muscle strength to the next level.

No matter if you're male or female, doing kegel exercises is a simple thing to do to do wonders to improve your health. It costs absolutely nothing unless you want to get some of the fastest results, and it's something that can be done anywhere and at any time. Frequently neglected because of their sexual health benefits, kegel exercises should be added to your healthy living choices - ASAP!