They say perfection has no boundaries. But far not everyone is a happy owner of natural beauty. From time to time we all wonder what we should enhance at ourselves to meet the picture of perfection. More often people are dissatisfied with some peculiar features. But if speaking about Hollywood, here EVERYONE MUST LOOK PERFECT! A violent drive for meeting the standards of beauty usually brings the celebrities to plastic surgeons. They even succeed occasionally and turn time back. They DO manage to stop the ageing process, though not for long. Wealthy and glorious, the stars spend huge sums of money on altering their genuine beauty. They tend to forget that any plastic surgery conceals various risks and serious complications. Unfortunately, sometimes the result is too far from perfect and the “VICTIMS” regret they have gone under the knife and needle.

I suggest you the top list of the worst celebrity plastic surgery results of all time.


It is fair enough that Jocelyn Wildenstein bears the palm among plastic surgery victims. They gossip that Jocelyn repeatedly resorted to face lifting procedure. She can boast of various plastic surgeries, including eyelid lifting as well as collagen injections in cheeks, lips and a chin. The celebutante’s uncontrollable passion of constant face and body correction even entailed divorce with her rich husband. However it didn’t help her to get rid of plastic surgery addiction. Finally Jocelyn was nicknamed “Frankenstein’s fiancée”.


The name of worldwide known designer Donatella Versace is commonly associated with taste, beauty, and style. She doesn’t conceal that she wastes enormous money on her own appearance. However recently she is more and more rumoured about as a victim of bad plastic surgeries. The star repeatedly resorted to  face lifting as well as lip and breast augmentation. As far back as 10 tears ago Donatella looked excellent. Now she is a bit over 50 and her appearance leaves much to be desired. Numerous plastic surgeries disfigured her face, having made her much more OLDER. By word of mouth, the famous designer draw inspiration from the Barbie doll, although now she looks more like a mummy indeed!


This actress is known not only for her magnificent role play, but also for the numerous plastic surgeries. Being a wife of worldwide recognized Spanish Antonio Banderas, Melanie is constantly striving for levelling their difference in age. She was one of the Hollywood PIONEERS who tested Botox injections on herself! Later the celebrity grew addicted to the procedure to such an extent that she returned to plastic surgeons for a new portion of lifting pretty REGULARLY. Lip augmentation, eyelid surgery, as well as endless liftings not only added to her quick ageing but also tainted her reputation greatly.

Extend your knowledge of bad celebrity plastic surgery at Here they are – the real VICTIMS of plastic surgery. Many of them long for turning time back in order not to make fatal mistakes any more. And we have nothing to do but sympathize with them and draw conclusions from their unhappy experience.