Stress and anxiety triggers several physiological reactions in the body. These physical reactions cause release of hormones such as cortisols- a perfect recipe for acne. Stress and anxiety also triggers chemicals that make skin red and itchy. We should remember that hormones released by anxiety severely affect our most sensitive organ-SKIN.

Anxiety can cause your skin color change, atompic dermatitis, cystic acne, noncystic acne, tinea versicolor, pityriasis rosea. By now we should understand that as we come under stress, our skin’s repair mechanism starts compromising and studies have shown the dreadful evidence that stress and anxiety can speed up skin cancer. Psychodermatologists have suggested treatments such as meditation, acupuncture. Psychotherapy and massage that decrease the stress by soothing the skin are considered good treatments. It is proved that use of stress reduction techniques leads to better skin behavior. Other treatments include imaging, biofeedback, and hypnosis as one of the psychotherapist puts it that our bodies are more plugged into pictures that we have in our minds that what we see in reality.

The above discussion makes it clear that we can treat skin diseases related to anxiety with mind-body treatments.

The first problem for the sufferer of anxiety is that anxiety symptoms accentuate the feeling of any other symptoms and resultantly the sufferer becomes increasing self conscious that increase his or her anxiety level and leads to more anxiety and discomfort.

Though skin disorders caused by anxiety are rare but reports have it that anxiety give rise to liver dysfunctions that results in jaundice. Most of the skin problems caused by anxiety are fairly minor and they should not be taken as something for underlying skin problems.

The anxiety has the potential to make your skin color lighter. We all may have experienced this phenomenon of going Pale in anxiety attacks. The reason behind this state of becoming pale is that blood rushes towards heart and hence skin loses its natural pigmentation. This state of getting pale may occur across the whole body.

Anxiety does not get you pale it also gets you RED. You get redder or pinker across your face and head when anxiety comes in. This is the result of dilatation of blood capillaries in the face. As the blood capillaries dilate, blood rushes in to make your face redder.

Anxiety exacerbates several other skin disorders such as rosacea. Stress can get your rosacea outbreak resultantly you may get skin discoloration. All the skin disorders either are triggered by anxiety to get worsened with anxiety.
 Remember skin disorders caused by anxiety are not of permanent nature and you may get your skin color back to normal as soon as the attack of anxiety ends.

The best of getting rid of skin disorders caused by anxiety is to get rid of anxiety first as skin also behaves in positive way when you get your normal position back. The best solution is to reduce and fight your anxiety.
Remember that mind-skin connection is one of the strongest and as you get your underlying psychological problem addressed your skin changes positively. Few of us may know the fact that skin and brain are developed from the same cells so they are very closely connected.

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