Besides obesity the other contemporary health menace faced by people these days is the issue of stress and anxiety. People all across the globe suffer from this evil, which besides disturbing their social life also brings numerous health problems as well.

Although there are numerous treatments to effectively deal with the issue of anxiety, however, the one that is subtle and mostly ignored by people is exercising. Regular exercise can help reduce anxiety and increase the ability to manage it properly. The lines below discuss the way exercise helps in dealing with anxiety the general recommendations regarding its adaptation.

Exercise And Anxiety:

All the anxiety and stress that a person feels is because of cortisol hormone. This is a stress-inducing hormone that is released by the body in situations of stress. In addition to causing general stress, this hormone also increases appetite, thus a person indulges in overeating causing weight gain. The counter to stress hormone is endorphins, which are chemicals produced by the body often when the body indulges in some kind of physical activity. Therefore, regular exercise helps increase the production of feel-good hormones that help in dealing with anxiety and minimizing its impact.

Better Mood:

The reason why exercise helps improve the mood is because it takes your mind off form whatever matter is bugging you and causing emotional stress. Besides that in the body mechanics, it helps increase endorphin production that resist the impact of cortisol. Moreover, exercising at a gym is also a good way of interacting and socializing with other people, which is known to be a good way of relieving stress. Therefore, exercise helps fight depression and anxiety in various ways, which ultimately leads to a better mood.

Recommended Exercises:

Although every exercise is a good option pertaining to stress and anxiety relief. However, health experts recommend performing simple exercises that are neither too hard for your body to bear nor to light that they don't have any impact on the body. The simplest of such exercises can be climbing stairs to reach your flat, or having a mild walk in the park. If you are a fitness enthusiast, then you can turn your stressful time into a great workout and cope with stress in a healthy way. Just take safe and healthy energy supplements before the exercise and start lifting weights or run miles on the treadmill to help you take your mind off from stress and direct it towards a greater fitness level.

Recommended Duration:

Health experts recommend a 10 to 15 minutes physical activity to deal with everyday stress and anxiety. However, in severe and special cases when the feeling of anxiety is at its peak, health experts recommend prolonging the physical activity to a duration of 30 minutes. This much time is enough for a person to help take the mind off from stress and increase endorphin productions that reduce the impact of stress.


In a nutshell, anxiety is one of the major health menaces faced by humanity at present. To avoid the destruction caused by stress, physical activity needs to be made a part of daily routine, which will ensure that anxiety does not cause excessive health problems.