The journey of becoming a mother involves many transitional phases in a woman’s life. You feel happy and equally disturbed. While becoming a mom for the first time, many queries, worries and anxieties related to child birth pop up in our minds. The most common is the fear of labour in the last or third trimester engulps our mind.

But worrying too much may prove fatal to our fetus. So, we need to engage ourselves in different activities to think less of the anxieties and remain more happy.

Try out these simple activities to tear the fear apart.

1. Walk for half an hour in the morning and evening. Take small steps. You may convince your hubby or someone in the family to accompany you, so that if you are not feeling well, there is somebody to attend you. Walking regularly during pregnancy helps during labor as well.

2. Speak out your mind. It need not be your partner only. The person can be anyone, your friend, any family member, office colleague, someone whom you confide upon. Concealing worries in mind makes it worse. Sometimes, by speaking out our fears we even forget about those in a day or two and sometimes we get remedies as well.

3. Baby shower, that is a ceremony conducted to welcome the pending child is an integral part of the third trimester. If someone else is organising it for you, you may busy yourself with your look on that day. For example, the clothes, the make up, the hair style. You may also choose gifts for your guests and suggest some  baby shower games.

4. Work out a list of essentials for your coming baby along with your partner and shop for it. In some countries shopping before child birth is not allowed by elders of the family, you may prepare the list then and wait for its arrival to spend the money.

5. Plan for a weekend out, with permission from your caregiver or obstetrician in the 7th or 8th month at some convenient destinations.

6. Become a member at some birth club or pregnancy sites and exchange views with other would be mothers. But try to refrain from watching videos of labor or c-section, believe me it makes the fear worse.

7. Prepare a scrapbook for your would be baby, rather than buying those which are readily available at the market. You can fill the relevant blank spaces after it arrives.

8. If you want to try out something creative, you design some clothes for your pending baby.

Being happy is an important thing for you during pregnancy. So, try these and an optimistic surrounding in the family which is full of love along with a caring and supportive husband surely gives an added advantage. So be nice to your family and let them be nice to you as well.