Sensa is a popular brand of weight loss product which effectiveness have been put to question, as with any product.
Finding the best product for weight loss is not an easy task for anyone. The wide array of such products makes it even harder for anyone to find what works best among them. One of the products that stand out of the kind is Sensa. To find out what makes such product stick out from the many weight loss products in the market, read ahead.

Product Overview When it comes to weight loss products, we usually think that these are weight loss pills. In reality, weight loss products come in many forms. Sensa is not your typical weight loss product. How so? Unlike other weight supplements that is taken (ingested) independently, this product is sprinkled onto food like what you would do with salt. This product does not come in pill form or powdered form, but in crystals (also called “tastants”) like salt or sugar.
With this product, you can eat any food you wish. It does not come with food restrictions, but of course, it is for the consumer to decide what is better for the whole process of weight loss. But its popularity won’t guarantee its spot on the best weight loss product list, but rather depends on the answer to the question: Does Sensa work?
Details of the Product So just how does Sensa work? It does not burn fat nor cause loss of excess water in the body, instead it aids in weight loss by suppressing or curbing the hunger and cravings of the consumer. The product does so by working with the sense of smell and taste to send messages to the brain, telling that the body is already full. Such signals will cause you to stop eating while feeling satisfied, this in turn will cause a change in certain eating habits.
It does its work by these ingredients:
  • Maltodextrin- a complex form of carbohydrate which is rapidly digested. It also works to quash insulin production, which is advantageous for weight loss as the body will use up stored body fats for energy instead of carbs.
  • Tricalcium Phosphate- a form of calcium that has been believed to have a weight loss effect.
  • Silica- the element that gives the “tastants” of the product their crystal form.
  • Natural and Artificial flavour- additives used in the product.
Does It Come Out Effective? The claims of this product is that is helps the consumer lose weight by up to 30 pounds, and even higher, in just six months. Such claims are supported by the study made by the makers, which supposedly have been reviewed by folks at The Endocrine Society. However, the people from the The Endocrine Society opposed such claim. So as to the question, “does Sensa work?” the answer could probably not, probably yes. But basing from user testimonials on popular online shopping sites such as, the answer is mostly no. The number of the testimonials saying that the product does not work outnumbers the positive ones.
Conclusion While Sensa Reviews sound compelling because of its different approach in weight loss, it might not be worth it to invest time and spend money with this product basing from the feedbacks of its users. However, it is important to take note that reactions of the body varies among individuals, so there’s a chance that Sensa might work for you, or perhaps not. Better yet, it is rather sounder to stick with the natural weight loss supplements such as Phenocal. This may not come so unusual, but is better to stick to the standard and effective way, rather than risk you.