Most people always think that in order to lose larger amounts of weight, you have to do a more intense exercise like running. However, only walking is enough for you to lose the above 50 pounds. According to a British study, those people who considered walking as their workout lost weight more effectively than the ones who considered running or swimming.  It is a non-straining workout that is suitable for any individual. Below are the best ways to start this workout;

1. Chose your shoes
Before you start walking, you should have the best pair of shoes. Go to a shop that the can help you chose the suitable shoes according to your foot type. Buy slightly larger size than your normal shoes because it is obvious for legs to swell while you exercise. This will ensure that your feet are not put into too much pressure by shoes. You can test the suitability of your shoes by wearing them in the dressing room and doing a test jump. If you can lift them comfortably without any strain then, they are your best choice. Choose the shoes that can absorb moisture since you obviously expect to sweat during exercise and feeling wet is the worst discomfort that you can ever have.

2. Trace your progress
There is nothing as bad as doing something without seeing its outcomes. It totally affects your motivation to keep doing. The best way to know whether you are progressing is by measuring your weight change after some few weeks of exercise. You can also check if you can walk for more minutes easily than before. Progress is the best motivator and when there is no progress, it is a clear indication that you need to put more effort.

3. Fight signs of getting hurts earlier  
It is normal to experience irritations after sweating on several parts of your body. The best way to avoid such feelings is through applying petroleum jelly or a plant based body glide on the most affected areas. They include the necks, thighs and the area around the sporting bra. Stop blisters once they start appearing by switching to more comfortable shoes and fitting socks. You can also treat them with compeed cushions to relieve pain.

4. Consider your body 
Walking may not be the most suitable exercise for every type of body but at least, it is neither harmful to any. Overdoing the walking activity could strain your body leading to pains at various parts of your body. If you have not been outside for exercise for way too long, considering a fitness therapist by your side while you start walking is the best idea. This will act like a person who you can report any abnormalities or difficulties to. Always consider whatever you feel to ensure you never hurt your body. If you are feeling pain or nausea, you need to reduce the pressure you are exerting in your walking activity. If the signs go beyond just normal pain to headaches and chest problems, you should see a doctor for medical checkup.

5. Start low
If you have not been walking out, there is no way you can start with walking for 60 minutes instantly. Start first by walking for the least amount of minutes that you can easily handle. You can then be increasing your minutes every day until you reach your target. Gradual improvement enables the body to adapt to the new workout environment easily preventing unnecessary pains. Do not keep yourself very comfortable because it could mean there is no effort you are exerting. Challenge yourself every day with new pace or style of walk.  This is one of the best tips for weight loss that you need to keep in mind.

6. Sooth your body
When you are feeling pain, there is no point of you assuming and trying to prove you are strong enough to endure. The new weight loss program is obviously strange to your body hence; pains in different parts of the body are expected. Device ways of calming down these pains to ensure you never strain. Consider ice to solve muscle and joint pain. If it does not work, seek advice from your therapist. Avoid all those aspects that could lead to unnecessary pain like tights shoes and irritating bras.

Starting an exercise isn’t the easiest task that you can expect. Most people start off with a lot of motivation, but it is unfortunate that most of them give up on the way. The above tips are meant to help you start well and prevent situations where you have to give up due to the challenges that you experience.