Everybody knows what types of adult toys are recommended for women. After all, there are jokes and whispered secrets about those toys among friends and even in popular media! Aside from the occasional gag gift, though, most guys aren't sure what toys are going to be best for them. Maybe after buying his doll, he found that those aren't all they're claimed to be - and he'd be right! Dolls are usually intended as gag gifts and are rarely intended to provide pleasure. Luckily, once you read this guide, you'll have a much better idea about what toys to seek out for the most pleasure.

Pleasure Sleeves:

One of the most well-known types of toys for men are pleasure sleeves. These are long, cylindrical tubes that are made from flexible materials and usually include some type of enjoyable texture. Some are designed to look and feel realistic while others are designed to have a fun, yet intense, design to them. The most well-known line of pleasure sleeves includes the Fleshlight brand, but there are many smaller, more affordable types as well. As each sleeve has a completely different feel, texture, and rigidity, you might need to try a couple different sleeves before you find the perfect one for you. Don't get discouraged!


You might be surprised, but a lot of guys really enjoy the sensation of vibrators. These don't have to just be for females! A lot of guys enjoy the sensations that these toys can provide. If you have a partner, you can always ask to borrow hers, or you may want to purchase your own separate one. Whatever you choose to do, make sure to thoroughly clean the toy before and after every use to avoid any bacteria sticking around on the toy.

Couple's Rings:

Couple's rings are also a good type of toy to check out. Not only can these toys be used when you're by yourself, but you can also use them with a partner to prolong and increase your pleasure. By using them by yourself, you'll get the chance to practice and understand what's best for you. Couple's rings come with various features as well. You can get ones that go around the entire base as well as ones that just go around the shaft. You can find ones with interesting textures, and you also find ones that vibrate to pleasure yourself and your partner. Try out the different types and figure out which one works best for you.

Anal Toys:

While many guys may not have considered it, anal toys can be a great source of pleasure for a lot of the ones who try it. If you want to explore it by yourself, there are a lot of guys who swear by prostate toys. Many of these toys are designed to be fully hands-free to allow you to focus on other things at the same time. If you choose to explore it in the future, there are lots of anal toys that are designed for use with a partner as well as harness sets if that's something you're interested in. Of course, these are just a couple of the types of toys that guys can explore. If a toy sounds like it'd be pleasurable for you, feel free to explore it - even if it's designed for women or you're not sure if it's something you'd like. Half of the spice of life is experimenting! Just make sure to follow basic safety and hygienic rules to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as it can. To have the easiest time possible, it's recommended that you start your toy exploration journey at a reputable toy store. (Click here to shop at one of the most reputable toy shops online) This way, you know your information is secure and you can shop with complete discretion. You also will be able to see vital and thorough information about the toy (including reviews!) before purchasing.