Losing weight can be a tough road if you don't have the proper tools for success. Despite what the entertainment stations and beauty magazines say, there is no magic pill or full-proof diet that guarantees weight loss. The only tried and true method that works for shedding the pounds is a nutritious, portion-controlled diet and cardio exercise. If you are already applying these methods to your life then you are on the right path. Do you wonder if there is more you can do? Well, diet observation is a choice that happens every time you eat or drink but what about exercise. If you are not someone that favors gyms or outdoor exercise, maybe you find a profession that allows for a healthy dose of exercise. Here is a list of some careers that has the most potential for helping you lose weight.

1) Daycare Worker

People who think that running after toddlers all day, keeping them safe, teaching and helping them become independent and socialized is easy have no idea the truth behind it. Just when you get one to stop crying, another is pushing a child into the dirt, or sticking something in an orifice or trying to escape the perimeter. Watching over children, especially young children, is very conducive to aerobic exercise. Picking up 20-30 lb children all day is great for working those back, arm and shoulder muscles as well. Plus children love to play games and have fun so you can work, exercise and have a bit of fun too. Beats the gym any day.

2) Restaurant Servers

For those in the service industry, they will tell you that working on a busy Friday night will get your feet moving, your blood pumping and your heart rate up. In busy restaurants, servers rarely stop moving for the entirety of their shift (usually 6 hours or more). And when I mention moving, it is not just in reference to walking. You're running back and forth between the dining room, the kitchen, upstairs, carrying trays of food, holding trays loaded with drinks, moving tables, picking up messes, and so much more. Serving can be rough on the body but it can also be very beneficial for keeping your weight down and your body moving (provided you don't eat too much of the restaurant's food).

3) Construction Work

Construction workers have a heavy workload, pun slightly intended. But really, their job requires countless hours of climbing, lifting, walking and standing all in some of the worst weather conditions. They must also use large, industrial equipment, help unload trucks and tools and help to move materials. Their job is one of difficulty but you can also work on strength training and muscle toning at this job while making a decent living as well. And construction workers will always have jobs because things always need to built. The downside to this profession? Working on construction sites can be very dangerous and there is a high rate of injury. Thankfully equipment such as hardhats, cable protectors, and steel toed boots have been introduced to reduce hazards.

4) Personal Trainer

Obviously a personal trainer would have to be healthy and at a proper weight or no one would want to work with them. But working toward the goal of becoming a personal trainer can be a great motivational tool. Then you can express your experience with your clients to help inspire them to reach their goals as well.

This article was written by M.G. Bachemin in association with Brahman Systems, the new standard in cable and hose protection for industrial traffic. For more information, please go to http://www.brahmansystems.com/.