Construction workers have one of the most strenuous jobs on the market. A large majority of their profession consists of a great deal of lifting, building, and moving. Although this type of labor may not appeal to everyone, those looking to improve their physique may appreciate employment that allows them to make a decent living and work on their body. If you are interested, here are a few more of the health benefits that construction workers are exposed to because of their labor-intensive career.

1) Strength-Training

Construction workers build great muscle strength with the lifting of materials, transporting of tools and the actual act of building. One has to be strong in order to help build a structure and protect the other workers on the site. Furthermore, you remain largely active throughout most of your day. An 8-hour day, over 5 days of the week, for 50 weeks a year? A gym memberships seems superfluous if you are getting paid to do this kind of work.

2) Being Outside

The benefits of spending time outside are endless. The sunlight exposure can increase Vitamin D production and fresh air is great for mental agility and peace. For those who prefer the great outdoors over being stuck in an office for the workday, then the construction field could be exactly what you need. Furthermore, getting to travel to different areas in your region can keep your work exciting and help you to learn about places outside of your community.

3) Pain Tolerance

No one ever said that performing construction work is an easy task. Working on a construction site can be one of the most dangerous work environments in the nation. Materials can be harmful, tools can malfunction, other employees make mistakes, and other unforeseeable accidents can make the job a treacherous place. Nail gun accidents, lack of sufficient cable and hose protectors from companies like Brahman Systems, L.L.C., falls and electrocution are just a few of the most common causes of injury in the field. Emergency room visits are common for those in this industry but the minor accidents can just create callouses and scars while increasing a person's pain tolerance. A higher pain tolerance is beneficial when you are trying to work on your physical appearance because you can become stronger and able to handle higher cardio workouts. What's that old saying, "No pain. No gain."

4) Hard Work and Great Reward

Working in construction can be physically strenuous but it can also be financially rewarding. Workers have a competitive pay scale, union protections, major safety and health standards and regulations that employers must adhere to, and the pride of knowing that you put in a full-day's work and will be paid accordingly. Many are not as lucky.