San Diego, CA - (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2014 - Erectile dysfunction is the major problem among men around the world. The sexual performance and satisfaction of both the partners is mainly affected by the size of the male organ. Bigger the size of the organ, more the blood it will hold inside it and the more blood inside the organ, results the better erections and ultimately the better sexual performance.
Men, therefore, always remain obsessed about their organ size. Before the latest medical developments in the medical sciences, the only way was the surgical technique to enhance the male organ size. However, there are many possible health risks in surgery.
Various enlargement techniques are available these days in different forms such as pills, devices and penis pumps. The traction devices are considered the most effective yet the safe available method for the male enhancement. These devices usually work by applying a small force or stretch on the organ. Penomet and the SizeGenetics are the two nonsurgical treatments for male enhancement that work on the traction method.
Penomet is the latest innovation in the penis enlargement industry that is basically a water-assisted penis pump. A study published in the DAILY MAIL journal of the British Association of Urological Surgeons illustrates that the non-surgical methods of penis enlargement do increase penis length. The study features the Penomet as the most effective penis pump available these days. The device uses the traction method for the penis enlargement.
It applies a small pulling pressure on the organ, which results the cell elongation and ultimately the increased size of the organ. The enlarged organ has more capacity of holding the blood, which results the improved erections and the better sexual performance. The clinical results illustrate that the device shows noticeable results in the first 15 minutes of wearing the device.
SizeGenetics is the male organ enlargement device that works on the traction method. The device is clinically proven effective to enhance the size of the male organ up to 29% within 6 months.
Experts have conducted the clinical trials on both the products and studied the customer reviews. On the basis of clinical results and customer opinions they approved both the products as the most effective male enhancement treatments available these days.
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