Signs of heart problems can be cause of serious worry for many. Various types of heart diseases are responsible for deaths of approximately 40% of the U.S population. Despite this, several people are still not well aware of the different symptoms of heart problems. One of the reasons for this could be because most of the symptoms of heart problems arent as dramatic as shown in movies. In addition to this, people often end up confusing serious heart symptoms for heartburn, muscle soreness, or other less serious, non-cardiac causes.

This article highlights some possible heart symptoms that should not be ignored:

Chest Pain and/or Pressure:

Excruciating pain in the chest is one of the most definitive symptoms of a heart attack. In such a situation, one may experience a feeling of fullness or tightness in the chest or may face a severe burning sensation. If something like this is experienced, then the concerned person must call 911 and seek medical attention immediately.


One could feel fatigued for various reasons. However, in the case of an impending heart attack, one may experience fatigue without any supporting explanation and this could be coupled with other symptoms like a chest or jaw pain. But in a case where fatigue is experienced along with fever, then it’s unlikely to be an emergency.

Jaw pain:

One may not associate jaw pain with cardiovascular trouble, but it can definitely be a telltale sign of a possible heart attack. However, this symptom is often accompanied by many others, such as fatigue, shortness of breath, sweatiness, along with pain or discomfort in the neck, shoulders, and chest. In case such symptoms surface, one must call 911 and immediately seek assistance.


In the case of a possible heart attack, sweating is believed to ring alarm bells much faster than any other symptom. As a matter of fact, sweating manages to rank higher than chest pain in terms of getting people to the hospital. It is extremely crucial to reach out for help immediately if one experiences excessive perspiration for no apparent reason and also notices some of the above mentioned symptoms.

Shortness of Breath:

It can be a horrifying experience to find yourself unable to breathe. Irrespective of whether it’s a sign of a heart attack or not, one must immediately call 911 during such an emergency. In the case of an impending heart attack, one may struggle to breathe normally and may also experience other symptoms present on this list.

Pounding heart:

When your heart is pumping faster, the pulse rate immediately goes up. This could result in a racing heart beat, which is a sign that it’s facing an obstacle in pumping and is working harder to get enough blood to your body parts. Excessive strain on the heart that causes extreme pounding and a feeling of heaviness in the chest could be a symptom of a possible heart attack.

Intense Anxiety:

Irrational and intense anxiety could be a symptom of a possible heart attack. This type of anxiety refers to a sense of fear that something bad is about to happen, but the person is unable to justify this fear. It addition to this, if the concerned person experiences dizziness, nausea, sweaty or clammy hands then he or she must immediately reach out for help.
Many people often believe that heart problems are not common among women, and that men are more inclined towards suffering from them. But the fact is that nearly half of the people who die from heart attacks in the United States are women. Irrespective of which gender one belongs to, it is crucial to follow a healthy diet and exercise regime to protect your heart from various diseases. This is especially important for people who fall in a highrisk category due to high blood pressure, obesity and family history of heart diseases. Men and women in this category must consciously look out for the above mentioned to prevent a possible heart attack.

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