People have turned to the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) for its anti-aging and bodybuilding benefits. Some doctors, on the other hand, say that while it does offer a myriad of benefits, much has yet to be discovered. That's because HGH injections have stirred controversy.

So, does it really work? Is HGH an effective male enhancer as well? Well, the manufacturer of Sytropin HGH seems to think so. Plus, the people behind it take pride in the fact that this is the natural solution that everyone can turn to. If you're looking for ways to stay young, healthy, and robust, then they recommend that you put this brand at the very top of your list of considerations.

Product Overview

Sytropin HGH is said to be more than just your everyday male enhancer. This brand of Human Growth Hormone is the fountain of youth in a bottle. It's an oral supplement spray that's designed to deliver anti-aging properties that enhance athletic performance by giving you a boost of youthful energy.


Sytropin HGH has actually been documented in reputable shows such as CNN, Newsweek, Dateline, Oprah, and American Journal of Medicine. It works to provide you with the following claimed benefits:

  1. Better skin elasticity.
  2. Lesser wrinkles.
  3. Thicker, healthier hair.
  4. Improved energy.
  5. Enhanced vitality.
  6. Better and more restful sleep.
  7. Increased sexual performance.
  8. Improved memory, sharper vision, and elevated mood.
  9. Stronger immune system to fight diseases.
  10. Stronger bones and muscles.
  11. Manageable blood pressure levels and healthier cholesterol count.

Suffice to say, Sytropin HGH aims to provide a variety of needs. Others may look to this as a male enhancer, but health buffs and aging customers alike can also turn to the product to make them feel younger, stronger, and more robust. Studies on the said hormone have delivered the same results, but the brand intends to deliver the same results with the use of organic ingredients.

What the Manufacturer Claims

Sytropin HGH is said to be medically documented. The results have been observed, studied, backed, and founded. While Human Growth Hormone is oftentimes injected, this brand is easy to administer because it comes in a spray bottle and can be taken orally.

The makers of this anti-aging supplement that's also a male enhancer say that you get to enjoy the following advantages:

  1. You take a supplement that has garnered a good reputation. They have been featured in a variety of shows and have therefore garnered attention.
  2. It's recommended by physicians and health experts. If there's an HGH supplement that you need to have, they say that this is the brand to look for.
  3. It can be quickly absorbed by the body. The oral delivery system allows you to ingest and absorb the ingredients quickly and efficiently. You therefore get to enjoy the full anti-aging benefits without a hitch and without the long wait.
  4. It complies with the FDA standards as it combines the approved amino acids and secretagogue human growth hormone.
  5. It comes with a 90-day guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied with the results, then you get your money back with no questions asked.
  6. It's a brand that thousands of people have turned to because they no longer have to go through the discomfort and inconvenience that go with painful injections and doctor visits.

Active Ingredients Used In It

Sytropin HGH makes is comprised of amino acids and growth factors that boast of high quality. Its most notable ingredients are as follows:

  1. ALPHA GPC - Increases HGH secretion and overcomes cognitive disorders. It also assists in processing nerve impulses for balance and coordination as well as it contributes to improved mental focus.
  2. GABA - Improves plasma hormone levels in the body, aids in proper neurotransmission, enhances the functioning of the central nervous system, promotes fat loss, and improves body's ability for a more restful sleep.
  3. GLYCINE- A building block of essential proteins. This increases neurotransmission activity of hormones in charge of memory and cognition as well as alleviates the symptoms of spasticity.
  4. L-ARGININE - Contributes in protein synthesis, helpful in cell replication, increases sperm count, improves sperm potency, and triggers anabolic muscle growth.
  5. L-DOPA BEAN EXTRACT - Supports the natural release of growth hormone, stimulates increased HGH levels to stimulate muscle growth. The latter is done through amino acid sparing and promotion of amino acid transport into muscle cells. It also helps in fat burning.
  6. L-GLUTAMINE - Aids in metabolism, improves athletic performance, and boosts the immune system. This component is a building block source for stomach and intestine lining, which means that this may help alleviate ulcers.
  7. L-ISOLEUCINE - Works in synergy with L-valine to serve as fuel in the cells to promote muscle recovery. It also plays a role in healing and the growth of new tissue. Lastly, it provides necessary chemicals for proper muscle growth and neurotransmission.
  8. L-TYROSINE - Helpful in neurotransmission. It also relieves depression, increases secretion of melanin, and boosts mood.
  9. L-VALINE - Promotes muscle recovery, plays a role in healing and the growth of new tissue, necessary to increase bio-availability of complex carbohydrate intake, and helps in anabolic muscle building activity. It works with L-isoleucine to promote lean muscle growth.
  10. L-LYSINE - Helps maintain nitrogen balance in the body, conserves calcium, and assists in maintaining blood vessels.
  11. MOOMIYO EXTRACT - Prevents age-related hormone dependent disorders, has anti-inflammatory and healing properties, reduces joint soreness, and comes with growth-promoting ability.
  12. ORNITHINE ALPHA KETOGLUTARATE - Has anabolic effects, improves athletic performance, aids in healing, fights disease, and stimulates new muscle growth.

Advantages of the Product

  1. Improves sleep
  2. Provides energy
  3. Aids in weight loss
  4. Improves complexion

Disadvantages of the Product

  1. Some say that it's not as effective in fighting wrinkles
  2. Tastes unpleasant
  3. May cause skin irritation
  4. May lead to swelling


Because you're dealing with hormones, it's best to consult with your physician before taking this male enhancer.

Dosage and Costing

If you get Sytropin HGH from the official website, you can enjoy the following special packages:

  • 1 bottle - $59.95
  • Buy 2 and get 1 free - $119.95
  • Buy 4 get 2 free - $199.95

A bottle lasts a month. Take 2 full sprays in the morning and hold under your tongue for 2 minutes for better absorption. Then, take 4 sprays at night before sleeping.

Customer Reviews

Many of those who have tried the spray highly recommend it. However, some are hesitant because of the ongoing debate that surrounds the use of HGH.

Final Verdict

If you want to take Sytropin HGH, it's best that you also know more about the risks. More importantly, always talk to your physician. Only a person who knows about your medical history can tell you if this is something you need to consider.