As people's lives get busier, it's no wonder that we're trying to multi-task in more areas of our lives. Books are now available in audio form, so you can drive to work while also listening to your favorite book. Cell phones now take pictures to eliminate the need to carry a separate camera. Tablets allow for web browsing and games on-the-go while you're in line or waiting for someone. Why not take this same approach to your exercise routine?

Many people don't consider that sex can be a great time to get in some good exercise. It's something you most-likely already do, and the benefits will be two-fold. In addition to burning more calories and getting a great workout, turning your between-the-sheets time into a calorie-burning opportunity also requires putting more effort into your sex which leads to better sex and a better relationship!

The key to turning your bedroom time into a calorie burning routine is experimentation. Just like workouts, we tend to become complicit in what we've been previously doing, so we stop pushing the envelope to find new things to do. You start staying with the same positions because they work, and you start using the same types of foreplay because they have always been good in the past. To burn more calories in the bedroom, you need to mix it up!

Try a New Position

Possibly the easiest way to burn more calories is to try a new position. Some positions tend to be more muscle intensive than others. For example, missionary doesn't burn that many calories while a position that has you both standing up will burn a lot more. Make sure to put some effort into it, too. If missionary is really what works best and you don't want to change, try adding in a lot more effort. Kiss more, get more intense with the movements, and switch up the angles to up your involvement. If you're breathing heavily or sweating, it's a good sign that you're burning more calories.

Try a New Place

There's nothing like trying a new place that spikes up the eroticism. With higher levels of arousal, you're both more likely to put in more energy, and with a new place, you're more likely to have to experiment with new types of positions, too.

Try Some New Toys

If you're not used to using toys, it might be the time to start. While some toys will be less intensive, other types of toys can really require a good amount of energy (while also providing an increased amount of pleasure). You may want to look at sex furniture (Click here to see some examples) or other new types of toys. Furniture means trying new positions and using new muscles while other items, like a couples ring, can mean adjusting angles or providing more incentive to get into the action. Using these can spice up your relationship, lead to even more sex (and more calorie-burning opportunities), and make the arousal levels run even hotter!

Really, what's important is that you put some energy and effort into your sex to get the most calorie burn (and the best time possible!) These activities already burn calories on their own, but you want to make sure to rev it up to the next level. Kissing has been shown to burn over 65 calories an hour while intercourse itself can burn more than 140 calories in a half-hour. If you want to go heavy on the foreplay, a heavy make-out session can burn more than 230 calories in a half hour! While fun in the bed may not be as effective as spending an hour on the treadmill, it's certainly more fun - and it always gives you more of an excuse to find yourself in the bedroom!