Chia seeds were first known to be cultivated and consumed by early Native American Aztecs in Mexico. They discovered the seeds' special energizing properties early, and chia seeds were used as a main staple of the Aztecs' diet. When Europeans colonized their land, the cultivation of chia seeds became a thing of the past for most North Americans until recently. Modern nutritionists backed by scientific research helped bring the tiny seeds back into the mainstream public's view by publishing the outstanding weight loss properties and nutritional benefits associated with the consumption of chia seeds. Here are seven reasons why chia seeds help aid weight loss.

#1 Chia Seeds Are Sources Of High Quality, Plant-Based Protein

This fact is great news for people who want to reduce their consumption of saturated fat laden animal products but still want a viable protein source. According to U.S. Department of Agriculture statistics, a three ounce serving of chia seeds contain about 16 grams of protein. White chia seeds, which are a common variety of the seeds, give dieters protein that keeps their appetites satisfied longer.

#2 Chia Seeds Have High Nutritional Content

The same three ounce serving size of chia seeds reportedly provides over 100 percent of an adult's recommended allowance for trace minerals like manganese, phosphorus, and magnesium. The seeds are also high in thiamine, niacin, calcium, iron, and zinc. The human body is designed to maintain a healthy weight if it is properly nourished. When people consume nutrient rich foods instead of those containing empty calories, their bodies are satisfied along with their appetites. This is one way white chia seeds aid weight loss.

#3 Chia Seeds Contain Essential Fatty Acids

Along with a host of antioxidant properties, chia seeds are also an excellent source of the essential fatty acid omega 3. Consumption of this nutrient is known to help people burn more fat than those who do not consume the substance. Also, consuming omega 3 in the form of chia seeds contributes to the buildup of lean muscle mass.

#4 Chia Seeds Boost Metabolism

The fortified mix of protein, fats, and carbohydrates found in chia seeds is the reason for its well-known energizing properties that were fully exploited by the ancient Aztecs. The same nutrients that contribute to the seeds' energizing properties are the same ones that help boost a person's metabolism.

#5 Chia Seeds Are A High Fiber Food

People who consistently consume adequate amounts of dietary fiber tend to have better digestive health and greater weight loss results. Fiber absorbs water, expands in the stomach, and makes one feel more satiated for longer periods of time. Replacing high calorie foods with fiber helps the body lose excess weight because one is taking in fewer calories while still maintaining the feeling of fullness.

#6 Detoxification And Cleansing Properties

The fiber in chia seeds help the body's detoxification and cleansing properties by absorbing toxins in the colon before exiting the body as waste matter. Because of its high nutritional content, chia seeds are actually a better choice for fiber than the psyllium seed husks that are in common laxatives.

#7 Anti-inflammatory Properties

Complaints of body aches and pains are often the reasons preventing people from exercising on a regular basis. A lot of this pain is caused by inflammation and chia seeds have natural anti-inflammatory properties because of its omega 3 content. Chia seeds may help ease pain and help one jump start an exercise routine for greater weight loss.

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