Nutrex vitrix Overview:

As you age, not only does it become progressively more difficult to build muscle but it also hampers your ability to perform in bed. One of the main reasons is low testosterone production in the body. Nowadays there are supplements, which help in increasing libido and healthy muscle.

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Nutrex Vitrix is America's leading liquid capsule male libido and performance enhancer supplements. It claims to offers superior potency and proven safety with great power. It also claims to be designed not to only help in sexual arousal, but also to help build lean muscle. It comes in two sizes a 90 capsule for15 day supply and 180 capsules for 30 day supply.

How Does Nutrex Vitrix Work?

Nutrex Vitrix's primary purpose is to boost your Testosterone for increasing libido and enhanced performance. It enters into the bloodstream quickly as it is in liquid form to boost male libido resulting in increased physical performance.

Thus Nutrex Vitrix increases natural Testosterone production by blocking estrogen to help build higher-quality muscle, thus promote faster muscle and strength gains and is claimed to be all-natural and safe process.

Active Ingredients In Vitrix:

The main active ingredients of Nutrex Vitrix are:
1. Tribulus Terristris - Boosts testosterone production; promotes muscle & strength gains.
2. Vitex Agnus Castus- Helps to keep testosterone levels to sustain sexual performance.
3. Epimedium - Helps in stopping the estrogen production and helps to supports lean muscle.
4. Eurycoma Longfolia Jack - Amplify sex drive.
5. The other ingredients are Glycerol Kosher USP, Vegetable Cellulose and Purified Water.

Vitrix Strength:

1. It is not a Steroid or Hormone.
2. Increases Testosterone and Physical Performance without Estrogen Production.
3. All ingredients are natural with accurate volumes are clearly displayed on official site.

Vitrix Weakness:

1. Some men may be discouraged because of solid dose of 6 capsules daily.
2. May intensify pimples and baldness for those males who are predisposed to male pattern baldness or acne.
3. No evidence of clinical trials.
4. No free sample available.

Do's and Don'ts While Taking Vitrix:

1. Daily 6 capsules, divide it by taking 3 capsules in the morning and 3 capsules in the afternoon.
2. For better result in work out take all 6 capsules at one time before an hour of activity; only if you had not taken 3 capsules in the morning.
3. For adults only, not for 18 years and below.
4. Not for pregnant and nursing women. Also women having contraceptive should also avoid this supplement.

Final Verdict:

Vitrix claims to restore your body's ability to build muscle along with strong and harder erection. This supplement has all natural ingredients and seems to have positive effect. But it is not clinically proven. It also seems to be a heavy dose of 6 capsules daily, with claims of no side effects, which is highly questionable.