A good supplement which is counting on snazzy advertising and marketing fads to over-hype the supplement created by this Scottsdale, Arizona dependent business. In truth, another thing that is incredibly disturbing in their advertisements is an approval from a Dr. G Rosenberg MD. The reason isn’t the physicians name given? How come isn’t his region of specialty (urology) remarked?? This recommendation with a doctor not completely identified appears strange.


A lot of studies commented about how uncharacteristic this sounded. Placing this matter apart let’s examine the formulation itself. Carried in a pills variety, it is really a perfect combination of natural herbs and also ingredients that can help you to boost your erection volume, power or strength. It’s a 1398mg per 2 pills serving of 21 formulations which include Long Jack, L-Arginine and Maca Extract. Long Jack is a substance which has definitely obtained favour recently couple of years due to certain innovative findings. It is often proven to significantly enhance sexual performance and endurance.

A research conducted at the College of Pharmaceutical Science at the University of Malaysia proved that longifolia jack generates a dose-dependent rise in sexual performance on the handled issues. Doctors claimed that, the research presents evidence that longifolia jack is a powerful stimulator of sexual arousal.

The manufacturer guarantees a normal boost in erection measurements of 25%. Studies we now have obtained indicated that boosts were less than at the 25% level, however enhancements were listed. Colossal is a very useful formulation that can be effective superior to normal. Level? D

What ingredients includes in Colossal?

Colossal consists of tribulus terresteris , yohimbe extract , niacin , epimedium sagitatum , avena sativa , maca root , potency wood , ginkgo biloba , saw palmetto , oat straw , ginseng , catuaba , nettle leaf , orchic substance , oyster shell , cayenne and pumpkin seed .

Do the ingredients in Colossal Work?

Yes, but is not very efficiently. Tribulus terresteris, a blossom extract, unsuccessful to impact on libido levels in males in various researches, such as one analysis claimed in the International Magazine of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolic process. Most of the "reported" consequences come from statements expressed by Jeffrey Peterman, a "strongman" who claimed it improved libido levels in the 1970’s. The genuine truth: there are zero research that present it contains any specific sexual benefitsthis is almost all just advertising.

However quite a few research has shown maca root can build up libido and boost sperm volume , such as 1 analysis reported in the Asian Magazine of Andrology . Based on the study, males who consumed maca root for longer than eight weeks observed a significant enhancement in semen high quality and volume, although it isn't distinct exactly why. Ginkgo biloba can also help increase blood flow, although confirmation does assist the concept that it enhances erection leverage.

Is Colossal Safe For You?

Not completely. Maca root usage can raise a person's associated risk for goiters, particularly if along with a bad iodine diet. Even though rare, tribulus terresteris can also trigger gynecomastia , or even an unusual growth of breast tissue in men .


Colossal consists of a few ingredients that can enhance semen level and erection stamina, with minimal confirmation revealing gingko biloba can increase the power of erections. On the trail basically isn't sufficient evidence showing it efficiently removes the symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED), even so.