Now that you are expecting you are wondering if it is still safe to continue your exercise routine. Depending on the exercises the answer is yes. Continued exercise provides you as well as your baby with many benefits. Exercise for moms to be can help improve strength and endurance as well as muscle tone.

Exercise can help to prepare you for the body’s physical challenge of going through labor as well as help your body be able to carry the weight that you gain during your pregnancy. Exercising during pregnancy also helps to make it easier to get back into shape after your baby has been born.

Ideal exercise during your pregnancy will help to keep you supple and get your heart pumping without causing too much physical stress on you or your baby. Your goal is to maintain your pre-pregnancy fitness, so you do not need to do more than 3 to 4 times a week of moderate exercise for at least 30 minutes. Be sure to check with your physician before you start any workout routine or activities so you know that you and your baby will be safe.

Walking comes in at one of the top exercises on the list. Walking can provide many benefits even if you have never exercised before. It provides a great cardiovascular workout without causing high impact to your ankles or your knees. You can walk almost anywhere at any time throughout your entire pregnancy.
Just be careful as you get later in your term to try to walk on surfaces that to not have many obstacles. As you get bigger you can tend to lose some of your sense of coordination and balance. Your feet may also start to swell as you get later in term as well so you may have to buy shoes that are a half size bigger.

Swimming is an ideal exercise to do throughout your pregnancy. You do not have to worry about falling on your stomach when you are swimming. Exercising in the water helps to give your body its full range of motion without putting any impact or pressure on your joints. Choose a stroke that is most comfortable for your neck and shoulders as well as your back muscles. Try to avoid jumping or diving that can cause impact to your abdomen.

Practicing prenatal yoga can greatly help to keep your joints limber and help you to maintain your flexibility. Because yoga helps to stimulate circulation, strengthen your muscle system, and help you to relax, the techniques that you learn and practice can help you to stay calm and in control during your labor.

Light weight training can be also beneficial in preparing your body for all the lifting it will be doing after your baby is born. It also helps strengthen the muscles around your joints to reduce risk of injury during pregnancy. Be sure when you are doing weights that you do not lie flat on your back.
When you are a mom to be using any of these top exercises during your pregnancy can help to keep you strong, flexible, and help to increase your endurance to prepare you for your labor.

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