A tour around Lipozene's techniques towards weight loss, how it works and its benefits. It also examines the claims it made as part of the manufacturer's marketing strategy.

Anybody who has heard about the dietary supplement will ask, “does Lipozene work?” It is a question that many try to answer through their own experiences and assessment of the product. However, experts believe that one product may work well for one person, and may not for another. Despite this notion, this article aims to give an overall and generalized view of Lipozene, and if it will work for most people.

What's in Lipozene?

Lipozene is different from other supplements in that it only contains one ingredient – Glucomannan, derived from the plant called Konjac. Konjac is found in Japan, India and Korea and is commonly used as a natural laxative. Glucomannan forms a fibrous gel when it comes in contact with water, that is why taking a pill of this supplement requires 8 oz of water.

Several studies found that Glucomannan can play an important role in weight loss. It is in fact used to manage obesity-related disorders such as diabetes and lower bad cholesterol in the body.
A dieter must take two pills of this supplement thirty minutes before each meal. When it reaches the stomach, it expands in form which gives the dieter a feeling of satiety or fullness. This mechanism allows the dieter to control calorie intake and food cravings, thus allowing him/her to lose weight.

The Claims

There is nothing much that one will see while perusing the manufacturer's website. Some of the claims made by the makers of this product are:
  • It claims to be clinically-proven and tested. Whatever tests that have been done involving this product is not published anywhere on their website nor in other sites.
  • It claims to be free from side effects. Since it only contains one ingredient, one would expect not experience any side effects from this product such as jitters, diarrhea and headache. These side effects are often associated with supplements containing caffeine and harmful stimulants. However, it should be noted the amount of Glucomannan in each pill was also not fully substantiated.

  • Bottom line – Does Lipozene Work?

    So, does Lipozene work? There is enough evidence that Glucomannan does expand in the stomach when taken with water and is responsible for the feeling of fullness. This, indeed is a good way to control food cravings and not overeat.
    In essence, this supplement does not promote weight loss through the process of fat burning or by increasing metabolic action. It basically relies on the fact that the ingredient is effective in suppressing the appetite.
    However, lack of clinical tests also tells us that the manufacturers are making wild and exaggerated claims about their product that's seemingly designed to lure unsuspecting buyers. Furthermore, if Glucomannan is really effective enough in inducing weight loss, pure Glucomannan supplements can be bought in a much lower price compared to the price of each Lipozene bottle ($30) that only lasts for ten days.