When the dream of plastic surgery is about to become a reality, men and women will need to take some specific steps to ensure that they are adequately prepared. In addition to following the given instructions of the doctor on the eve of surgery, patients should also be sure that they have a range of supplies at home. In fact, postoperative care involves several specific activities that patients will need to take care of once they have been discharged. By creating a checklist and moving through it slowly, they can be sure that nothing is missed.


Some medications will be prohibited in the weeks before the surgery is scheduled. Any pills that are designed to thin the blood will have to be put away for awhile. Likewise, if men and women have developed a smoking habit over the previous few decades, they will have to cut out the cigarettes until the operation has been completed. In the best case scenario, people will make a concerted effort to quit smoking at least two or three months before they have the procedure. This will give their bodies time to adapt. When the internal organs are in peak condition, the recovery time may even be shortened.

Ultimate Goal

When people return to their own bedrooms, they should have an array of useful supplies on the nightstand. Because the incision itself will still be healing, they will need extra boxes of gauze and bandages in an easily accessible location. Denver plastic surgeons will tell them how often they need to change the protective material. The ultimate goal is to keep the area as clean as possible while it heals up. Disinfectants can also be gently added to the surgical area before the new bandage is added. Old gauze should be placed in a sealable bag before it is thrown into a larger trash container.

People should designate certain loved ones as key pillars of support. These individuals can make sure that the needed medications are taken on time. This is especially important in the hours immediately after the operation when grogginess is still present. When the patient returns home, loved ones can also see to it that certain forms of entertainment are procured. A healthy stack of books and magazines and an eclectic pile of DVDs should do the trick. If there is a significant flare-up of pain after the patient has returned home, the attending surgeon should be called as soon as possible. In very rare cases, men and women will need to return to the clinic for some patch-up work.


Once the cosmetic surgery has at last been completed, patients can proudly rest on their laurels. If they have had a comprehensive surgery performed, like a breast augmentation, then they should be prepared for an entirely new body. As they make their way to work or school, they can show off their new self-esteem. Assuming that the surgery has been wholly to their liking, they might encourage other individuals with similar confidence problems to do something for themselves.