Dr's Increasing age, childbearing, and excessive weight loss are all common reasons why individuals seek out plastic surgery. In addition to natural disposition, the human body changes drastically over the period of a lifetime. Unfortunately, some patients are unhappy with the way in which their body handles these attributes. As a result, plastic surgery options are abundant and with the right surgeon patients can drastically alter their appearance in a positive manner.

Selecting a Plastic Surgeon

The key to successful plastic surgery that produces desirable results lies within the ability of the chosen surgeon. Clients should search for cosmetic surgeons in Denver who are experienced, highly-trained, possess expansive educational achievements, and are focused on client concerns and satisfaction. Trustworthy surgeons should provide testimonials and pictures from prior clients and should focus on understanding client concerns and requests. As a board certified plastic surgeon, Drs exhibits the aforementioned desirable attributes, in addition to enhanced technology and innovative procedures. From the initial consultation to post-operative appointments, their staff are focused on maintaining high quality patient care.


Plastic Surgery offers a wide array of procedures in order to meet the needs and demands of all clients. From breast procedures, such as reconstruction and augmentation, to body contouring, including lifts and liposuction, Plastic surgery can provide the results that clients desire. The following procedures are offered on a routine basis:

  • Body Contouring: Tummy Tucks, Mommy Makeover, Liposuction, Coolsculpting, Thigh Lift, Arm Lift, Buttock Lift, Post Bariatric Surgery
  • Breast Procedures: Augmentation, Reduction, Lift, Gynecomastia
  • Facial Surgery: Brow, Cheek Lift, Ear Refinement, Eyelid Lift, Face Lift, Facial Implants, Facial Skin Resurfacing, Lip Refinement, Neck Lift, Rhinoplasty, FFS
  • Skin Care: Botox, Photo BBL
  • Financial Information Although forgoing plastic surgery can lead to decreased self-esteem, negative self-image, and functional issues, the lack of monetary funding is often the largest concern for many clients.

Due to the nature of plastic surgery and the expertise that surgeons are compensated for, these procedures are not cheap. In fact, extremely low prices indicate procedures that may be less efficient at creating the overall look that one desires. As a result, Plastic Surgery in Denver offers various special offers to clients to make procedures and treatments more affordable. From discounts on facial fillers to low-cost breast augmentations, seeks to help clients who are in any financial situation.

In addition, other financing options like the CareCredit card are offered to select cosmetic surgery patients in Denver. This form of credit features 0% financing for 6-12 months, convenient payment plans, no hidden costs, and the potential for recurring usage. Though some cosmetic surgeons in Denver do not offer this type of financing, plastic surgery is focused on the needs of his patients and offers CareCredit to make plastic surgery affordable. For more information or to schedule a consultation. See how plastic surgerycan help you today!