Although being a new dad can be incredibly stressful, there is no reason that weight loss should be impossible.

It used to be that men were having children younger so, by their mid 30s, the heavy lifting of raising children was mostly over. Therefore, by the time the body begins to wear down, the majority of physical activity had ceased.

Today, more and more couples are choosing to have children later in life. The result is men with babies who are already on a physical decline and perhaps in need of a gastric bypass NJ. From a biological standpoint, raising and chasing children is something that should be done by younger men.

For many men, the result of reproducing later in life is poor health combined with higher stress and less time to exercise. Their priority becomes their children instead of their physical well-being.

To prevent weight gain as a new dad, keep the following in mind:

Develop the Right Mindset

It can be hard to plan exercise time during a busy day. Most people believe that one hour of exercise a day is enough to maintain their health. This is a huge misconception. Instead, new dads should try to remain active throughout the day instead of exercising one hour a day and sitting around for the rest of day.

Focus on Calories Burned Instead of Minutes Exercising

Most people aren't aware of the number of calories they burn every day. Because new dads are so busy, it can be a challenge to budget time. Some fathers won't be able to schedule time away to be at the gym. If this is the case, taking a few minutes to do jumping jacks, squats, push-ups, etc. can be done at any time.

Countless minutes are wasted every day while waiting for dinner to be made or the shower water to heat up. These minutes can be used to do a quick 5 minute workout. If these time slots are utilized, it can be shocking how much exercise can be obtained.

Take Advantage of Unconventional Exercises

If there is one thing that parents know about, it is living on very little sleep. Working on little sleep is hard enough but working out is almost impossible. Even more impossible is finding time to go to the gym.

Coming up with exercises can help dads to stay in shape while going about their daily activities. Car seat curls are an excellent exercise as are lunges while holding the baby.

Have a Nutritious Diet

There is no denying that many baby foods are delicious. Who doesn't like chocolate milk, crackers, chicken nuggets, and fruit snacks? These foods are high in calories and that is just fine for a growing child but are certainly not necessary for an adult.

Having a child not only means that parents have high calorie foods around the house but also that they have little time to cook healthy dinners. Oftentimes, new parents resort to takeout foods or get fast food, neither of which are good for any dad's waistline.

Derek is an active fatherhood blogger. When he is not working and attempting to balance out his life equally, he enjoys spending time with his family and coaching his son's football team. The article above is for gastric bypass nj.