1. Hot water shower may ease joint pain. One may also soak the impacted joint in hot water with small amount of Epsom salt added to it. This gives much relief from pain in the joint and also swelling.

2. One can apply eucalyptus oil on the pain joint and after a while location a warm damp bath towel on the joint. This treatment fetches good results against pain and swelling.

3. Performing hot and frosty fomentations of the aching joint provides instant relief from the ache.

4. A cup of papaya seed tea might be taken 6-7 occasions all through the day. This really is a very beneficial cure for pain and inflammation.

5. A cup of warm milk with 1 tablespoon turmeric reduces joint pain efficiently.

6. Consumption of garlic roasted with butter effectively decreases pain in the joint and inflammation.

7. One may take apple cider vinegar. It fetches good results in relieving pain in the joint.

8. Normal stretching exercises verify the occurrence and recurrence of pain in the combined and inflammation. Workouts as well verify weight problems that is one leading cause of pain and inflammation. Yogic exercises such as gomukh asana are also very useful in alleviating ache in the joint.

9. Appropriate healthy posture while sitting down, standing, going for walks or even laying keeps joint pain at bay.

10. Home massage warm vinegar on painful and inflamed joint parts at bedtime time yields positive results.