Back and neck pain is a common complaint that can happen from repeated stress at work. If you are constantly looking above you to do your job you may be wearing the cervical joints in your spine. If you are frequently looking down at work or hunched over in a chair staring at a monitor then you might be putting too much stress on the intervertebral discs of your cervical spine. This constant wear can lead to degenerative changes if frequent breaks are not taken to stretch and move around.

  • Side Neck Stretches
  • Back of Neck Stretches
  • Frontal Neck Stretch

Finding quick neck pain relief can start with a few simple stretches that you can do on your own on the job or at home. Take a few minutes to care of the muscles in your neck to release stress and regain flexibility.

Side Neck Stretches

Here are a couple good stretches that target your lateral neck muscles. These can be done anywhere and should be held for 30 seconds and done on both sides.

Standing Stretch
                                                                                                                        Standing or kneeling tall bring both hands behind your back. If stretching the left side of your neck then grab your left wrist with your right hand and pull it to the right. As you do this, bend your head to the right to increase the stretch. Neck Pain Relief Stretches Sitting Stretch
This is a great quick neck pain relief stretch to do on the job at your desk. Start bye either sitting on a chair or cross-legged on the floor, sitting nice and tall. If stretching the left side of your neck then place your left hand reached out beside you and back. Now place your right hand on the top of your head and gradually pull your head towards the right. Sitting Stretch

Back of Neck Stretches

If you experience pain in the back of your neck here are two stretches that might help relax those tight muscles.

Forward Head Stretch
                                                                                                                  This simple maneuver will stretch out your posterior neck muscles and can be done sitting or standing. Start by making sure your back is straight then drop your chin to your chest. Clasp your hands and bring them palms down to the back of your head to start putting gentle downward pressure on your head. To increase the stretch, use your palms to pull your head away from your shoulders. Forward Head Stretch Bridge Stretch
This stretch can be a challenge to master but once you give it a try you will notice that you control the amount of stretch in your neck by how high you can bring your hips off the ground. Start by just lying on the ground with your hands by your sides, your knees bent, and your feet as close to you as possible. Now begin to lift your hips off the ground as high as you can so your only resting on your feet and shoulders. Rock your shoulders in closer together and increase the stretch by bringing your pelvis higher. Bridge Neck Pain Stretch

Frontal Neck Stretch

This is often called a heart opener stretch because you are bring your neck and upper torso back, opening up the chest and shoulders as well as stretching out anterior neck muscles, a great stretch after bending your neck down for long hours, it can bring a lot of relief to a sore neck. Start by kneeling on a mat with your legs together and just sitting on your ankles. Now lean back to place your palms flat on the floor behind you with your fingers facing away. Push your buttocks into your heals and arch your back. Slowly lower your head behind you and you will feel a stretch across your throat and the front of your chest. Now hold for 30 seconds. Chest Opener Practicing neck stretching frequently throughout the day can reduce your neck pain and allow your cervical spine to breath. Combining this with activities like walking or swimming are excellent for getting your neck to feel better again.

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