One of the biggest factors that affect both the mind and body of a person is stress. The effects of it on the mind are known to everyone, however, very few are aware of the devastation it causes to the body. Besides other ways in which stress weakens the body, causing obesity is the biggest vice of stress.

People don't realize the contribution stress has towards weight loss and out of their ignorance they disturb their diet and workout plan that ultimately leads to them gaining weight. The lines below explain the role played by stress in weight gain, and how it could be managed to ensure weight loss.

Stress And Weight

When the body is under stress, it reacts to it in all the unhealthy ways possible. You don't sleep, smoke, drink too much coffee, starve yourself and in worse cases indulge in binge or overeating. Out of all, the last is the one that affects the weight loss program the most.

As a response to stress, the body increases the production of stress hormone called 'cortisol'. This hormone is what is responsible for the stress levels not coming down and the appetite increasing. This hormone decreases the production of the appetite controlling hormones like leptin and ghrelin. Thus, when the appetite controlling hormones lose their authority, cortisol pushes the body towards over eating. Besides general overeating, cortisol also increases the body's knack for sweets and high fat foods, all of which contribute to excessive weight gain and demolish the whole weight loss diet plan.

Managing Stress

Although the events that cause stress may be beyond your control, but the intensity of stress you take on is under your control and can be effectively managed. The lines below give some effective ways of managing stress to stay on a weight loss plan.

Contemplate- The first measure you can take to manage stress is to contemplate and give some time to yourself for thinking and relaxation. Take some time out of your daily routine and at that time try breath slowly, relax your eyes and in your mind think over the things you have done and how they are going to make it all better for you. Be optimistic in your contemplation time.

Disciplined Eating- If you can manage to discipline yourself to respective eating plan, then stress can cause little damage to your weight loss efforts. If you have the will power required to resist temptations and stick with your devised plan and goal, then stress wont bother you and nor will it affect your eating. Therefore, have a good and healthy weight loss plan comprising of nutritious foods, vitamin and protein shakes and a variety of fruits and vegetables, then stick to it, and follow it religiously.

Hydration- When the body runs out of water, it puts the brain into an overdrive, which disrupts the balance of hormone secretion. Therefore, to ensure that the appetite suppressing and happiness inducing hormones are secreted by the brain as per requirements, it is imperative that the body must be hydrated all the time.


In short, you must learn to manage stress effectively so that it does not mess up the weight loss program and take you back to the time when eating everything was your favorite hobby.