A musical festival means lot of bodies, and public sweat and much more not to mention the smell of urination and people get so muddy that one thinks of viewing some swamp monsters. But that is it as most of the public going for festivals is rough and tough to bear the heat, sweat and music at the same time. Attending a festival means direct exposure to sun, wind, and rain (if you are lucky) and all these factors affect your skin drastically. Keeping your skin fresh while listening to your favorite bands at the festival involves a lot of planning and caring, you really want to have a survival kit with you.

Sleeplessness and copious amount of alcohol are part of a music festival and these two culprits take toll on your skin. If you have some mild skin problems, then be ready for aggravated conditions. Alcohol is the main culprit for causing dehydration of your skin.

There are however few tips and techniques to keep your skin fresh at festivals;

1. Keep your skin and yourself hydrated

Dancing and singing for hours and hours needs a lot of energy and it takes a lot of water out from your body in the shape of perspiration, it is essential that you keep yourself hydrated. There are several moisturizers available in the market that can help you give deep hydration. Stick one of this convenience size moisturizer in your bag and use it to give your skin an extra boost, whenever you feel dehydrated.

2. Switch Your Makeup

Instead of using regular makeup that doomed to smudge and wear off from your face, try some foundation cream to give you enough coverage to feel confident. It will help you to get rid of the feeling of makeup melting down of your face.

3. Keep your Skin Fresh with Deodorants and Antiperspirants

Sweaty and grubby are right words to describe your condition at a musical festival. Thanks to cosmetic manufacturer companies that now you have a lighter spray to give your skin a brighter and fresher look. You may also have some deodorants or antiperspirants that can last for longer duration of time. Use these deodorants and antiperspirants to give yourself a fresh feeling and others a great smell even after hours of dancing and shouting and wriggling.

4. Use Skin Tonics

The market is littered with skin tonics known for giving protection against UV damage. These skin tonics are also beneficial for being anti-inflammatory.

5. Use Bamboo Cloths

Bamboo cloths are biodegradable and give your face a perfect clean up when you want to go on. At the musical festival you are prone to have kicks and hands in the face. In such cases, bamboo cloths are perfect to clean the dirt and hostility sometimes from your face. These handy wipes are best to keep you along the crowd.

6. Use Sunscreens

If you have decided to go for musical festival in summer, then sunscreens are an essential part of your back pack. On a summer festival you are supposed to spend more than seven hours in open and in such conditions a sun block is necessary to keep you fresh by protecting your skin with better water resistance. Use mineral sun blocks that do not deactivate like chemical sunscreen agent. It is better to use sunscreen but do not forget to complement it with a wide brimmed hat.
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