If you have ever gotten burned you know that it is nothing to take lightly. If not treated immediately burns can cause more damage to your skin or leave behind nasty looking scars.

Types of Burns
There are different types of burns that people experience. First degree burns affect mainly the outer layer of your skin, which is known as the epidermis. People who experience these types of burns will feel pain and see some redness. This is the most common type of burn that is usually caused by sunburns or minor burns that happen at home.

Second degree burns will penetrate deeper into the skin towards the underlying skin layer. These type of burns often lead to blistering, intense pain, intense redness, and damaged blood vessels.

Third degree burns are very serious and will most likely require immediate medical help. This type of burn will lead to the outer and inner layers of the skin getting damaged. Even your bones, muscles, and nerves can get damaged due to a third degree burn. People with third degree burns may not even feel any pain because their nerves have been eliminated.

The home remedies listed below may not help you with a third degree burn but if you have a first or even second degree burn these home remedies can definitely help.

Lavender Oil
This essential oil has certain painkilling and antiseptic properties that can help stop the pain of minor burns. Also, thanks to beta-caryophyllene content in lavender oil it has an anti-inflammatory effect that will help reduce any swelling, inflammation, or redness due to your burn. Make sure you use undiluted lavender oil, and make sure it is 100% organic so you can get all the active ingredients you need to treat your burn effectively.


Vinegar has certain antiseptic and astringent properties that will help treat minor burns and stop any infection from occurring. As soon as you apply the vinegar to the burn area you should experience a relaxing effect in your skin tissue.

Before you apply the vinegar you have to dilute it a little with equal parts water first. Use a compress soaked in cold vinegar and water on your burn by covering the affected area with the compress for fifteen to twenty minutes. The pH factor in the vinegar will immediately go to work.

Aloe Vera
Not only will aloe vera help stop the pain associated with a burn, but it will also kill any type of bacteria that normally thrives on damaged skin cells due to a burn. The natural properties aloe vera contains will help to speed up the healing process of an injury like a minor burn.

This plant will give your burn a soothing and cool effect as soon as it is placed on the burn. The anesthetic properties in aloe vera will stimulate the fibroblasts which will improve blood flow in the area that has been wounded. By stimulating the fibroblasts, which are skin cells that are supposed to heal wounds, your burn wound will heal faster.

Head to your local health food store and choose any aloe vera plant you desire. To use it tear off a leaf at the bottom of the steam and then cut it open with a knife. Peel open the plant and remove the gel from the inside.

Use the gel on minor cuts to help get fast relief from minor burns. Alternatively, you can find stores that sell the aloe gel in bottles, which you can keep handy and carry with you wherever you go. It may take more than one application to heal the burn using aloe vera gel.

If you burn yourself sometimes the affected area can get itchy. By using oatmeal it will coat your skin and provide you with immediate relief from any itching related to the burn. Moreover, the oatmeal will provide you with a cooling effect necessary to reduce the pain of the burn.

Add a cup of raw oatmeal to your bath and add some warm water to the tub. Submerge the affected area in the tub for at least fifteen minutes before getting out. Symptoms of your burn such as itching, inflammation, pain, and redness should be reduced once you are done taking your oatmeal bath.

Plantain Leaves
Plantain leaves are great for treating first to second degree burns because it anti-hemorrhagic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial properties. Also, these leaves contain a lot of water because they grow in locations that is abundant in water.

The high water content in plantain leaves will help hydrate your skin, which is beneficial because when you get burned your skin tissue loses fluid and moisture. Apply the to burn by using it like a bandage and wrapping it around the affected area.

You'll need to make sure the fluids inside the leaves which have all the nutrients your burn needs to heal properly are released by before applying it. To do this take a hammer and pound on the leaf until you start seeing the fluids come out of the plant. Alternatively you can crush up the leaves and rub the juice on the burn repeatedly daily.

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