Exercises with the help of Kyle Leon the author of  Customized Fat Loss Reviews

To Speed Up The Metabolism :

Get a calorie-restricted diet may not be the best solution for a person sedentary and overweight lose a few pounds. This is because although the person is decreasing the amount of calorie intake, your metabolism will consume proteins of muscles instead of fat when you need energy.
Thus, she cannot lose weight, "says Publics Braga ad Silva, coordinator of the Physical Activity Floury and sports medicine physician at Hospital July 9. Therefore, the ideal is to combine calorie restriction diet for weight training exercises.

What sport does for you?

The increase in energy expenditure is one of the main effects of exercise. "They stimulate thermo genesis, causing the body to spend more energy even at rest," adds Ana Carolina Marajo, medical area of Exercise and Sport of the Hospital of São Paulo.

Other benefits are linked to cardiac stimulus. Is the decrease of blood pressure and increased volume of blood pumped by the heart and the consequent increase in the amount of oxygen extracted from the blood by the muscles?
The lungs also get stronger as spend less energy with breathing.
Thus, the oxygen that is no longer used to make the work of breathing becomes available to the muscles that are in locomotors activity.
Finally, there is the mobilization of body fat. There is a reduction in fact, it does increase the amount of muscle.

Eating Several Times:

Ana Carolina reminds us that physical exercise decreases feelings of hunger, especially after strenuous exercise or low intensity made ​​for a long time (over an hour) with Customized Fat Loss by Kyle Leon.