Instead of taking diet pills, it is much better to loose weight by natural means. About a century ago in America, women were very skinny, but in modern times, women want to become thin quickly and take a number of diet pills. Manufacturers of these pills publish false promises of losing weight in an unbelievable period of time magically. But in fact all of these promises are bogus. These companies are only money-making machines. In fact no pill can lose body weight. Instead these pills spoil your body in long run and decrease your age.

The only simple, natural and guaranteed way of loosing weight is to plan a balanced diet, as per requirement of the body, do yoga, drink a lot of water everyday, be active and stay fit. But you must stick to it for at-least 4 months continuously without fail to see the result. However, these techniques should be applied on a permanent basis. Do not lose heart at an early stage and continue to apply all the above techniques.
These five techniques are very easy to follow:-

  1. Do not eat sweets at all and drink tea or coffee without sugar. Do not drink soda water or cold drinks. Do not cross the limit while taking liquor.
  2. Adopt a low carbohydrates diet. Do not have fried foods. Make a list of such food to eat and what to avoid, by searching the web or purchasing a good book or consulting a dietician.
  3. Drink a plenty of water each day. You should start your day with four glasses of water. Eat lots of green salads an hour before lunch and dinner. Add some curd to your lunch.
  4. Do some light exercise or yoga every morning. Choose the right fruits with required quantity.
  5. Do not miss any opportunity to walking and decrease extra calories. Go shopping on foot. Choose staircases instead of using lift. Hard physical work at your home like mopping etc. would help more to loose body weight and shape your body.

The big success, you must cut back your calories. An instant walking for half an hour each morning can do this task easily. Always take light food. You can do this by planning your complete diet chart or menu for a week. Always have fresh food, not buy any canned, bottled or freeze food. Prepare food at home as long as possible.

Never believe magic pills as I have already said above, these manufacturers are only money machines and make false promises. Moreover, you will have to bear dangerous side effects of these pills. Remember to stay much away of them. So, the natural means of losing weight are the best and guaranteed leading to long life.

Yaroslav Soroka is a health author and is the owner of providing natural fat loss solutions to help with many weight loss needs to keep you up to date on the latest in the fitness and health field.